A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3904 by Novelsyou

Because of him, he has already died on the top of Mount Furuo.

Moreover, even if Ye Fan is still alive, what can he do?

They are not relatives.

Not even friends.

All the feelings are just the willingness of Noah alone.

It is an extravagant hope in itself to count on someone who has nothing to do with oneself to risk great danger to save oneself.

If a person has no thoughts, then, naturally, he will have no motivation to live.

In despair, Noah stood up from the ground.

Her eyes were blank, her clothes were soaking wet, and the icy rain poured down like a waterfall under her beautiful long hair.

Just like that, Noah climbed the high steps.

The tiny figure stood alone on a rooftop dozens of meters above the ground.

For the rest of your life, only suffering is left.

If the road ahead, only darkness remains.

If you raise your head, you will never see the light again.

If you don’t have any thoughts in your mind.

So what’s the point of living?

It was a long dark night, and the rain fell wildly.

Under the thick rain curtain, Noah, who was standing high, stretched out her hands and embraced the whole world in despair.

This person who was as proud as a princess in the first half of his life, finally set foot on a dead end alone after experiencing the warmth and affection of human beings.

“Dad, I’m sorry.”

“Daughters shouldn’t stubbornly pursue an impossible person.”

Tears were mixed with rain and flowed down.

In despair, Noah murmured in a low voice.

She glanced at this world for the last time, and vaguely, she could hear noises in the distance.

That should be the call of **** to her.

Noah smiled bleakly, then closed her eyes and took a step out.

The body that was less than a hundred catties fell straight down like an angel with broken wings.

However, Noah, who was desperate to die, didn’t notice it at all.

In the thick rain curtain in front, a thin figure walked over the long night.

What kind of figure was that, thousands of rainwater fell before his body, and it evaporated in an instant, bursting into a cloud of rain and fog, and dispersing with the wind.

Behind him, countless corpses lay out.

The bright red blood was washed by the rain and flowed all over the earth.

It was this figure that firmly embraced the girl who looked like a water lotus in the thick rain curtain.

Feeling the warmth from her body, Noah opened her eyes.

Then, I saw that familiar and handsome face.


“Are we all dead?”

Nuoya looked at her stupidly, with tears on her face, and her beautiful red and swollen eyes looked around.

“Is this ****?”

Hearing her words, a smile appeared on Ye Fan’s decisive face on the sofa.

“You’re not dead, and neither am I.”

“We’re all still alive.”

“And, I will live forever.”

“do not Cry.”

“follow me.”

“I’ll take you back, everything that belongs to you.”

Ye Fan’s faint voice sounded, gently helping Nuoya wipe away the tears and rain from the corners of her eyes.

At that time, Noah’s body trembled as if she was electrocuted.

She stared at the ***-like man in front of her.

His eyes are so deep and ethereal, as if with peerless majesty and heroism.

Under his majestic temperament, the wind and rain are afraid, and the heaven and the earth retreat.

It seems that he is the king of this world!

Noah knew that she would never forget this moment in the future.

At the darkest and most hopeless moment of her life, there was a person named Ye Fan who illuminated her whole world like a swift and violent light.



After a long silence, Noah burst into tears again.

However, this time, there was joy in the tears.

She hugged Ye Fan tightly, as if Nuoya, who wanted to use her body at this moment, suddenly felt that the world was starting to become better.

She finally, or waited, this man!

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