A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3901 by Novelsyou

When Ye Fan said this, his voice was not loud.

But the words were sonorous, like gold and jade falling to the ground, with a sonorous sound.

No one knew how much emotion Ye Fan contained in his words.

Looking back on the past, all the way, all the way hard.

Life and death, hardships and hardships.

Life is just over twenty years, but this world has given Ye Fan too much malice.

He was chased out of the Chu family when he was young, and then chased and killed by his cousin.

He fled from the other side of the ocean to the hot summer.

From Trumen, escaped to Ye’s house.

From Jingzhou to Yunzhou.

Even later, the Trumen army was defeated and the whole world was besieged.

That’s right, Ye Fan’s whole life was almost a runaway.

He is tired!

He didn’t want to run away anymore.

This time, he wants to make an end.

All that he once owed him, next, Ye Fan will pay back everything!

This is definitely not Ye Fan’s wild words.

This trip to Dongfu undoubtedly gave Ye Fan an incomparable confidence and reliance.

Next, he wants to let the whole world escape!

After saying this, Ye Fan turned around and walked away.

“Big brother, where are you going?” Geeta asked immediately.

“Young man, what are you doing?” The old man also showed a worried look.

Ye Fan just looked back and smiled: “I’ll kill them.”

Lang Lang’s laughter dispersed with the wind.

The man in front is walking.

Behind him, those five divine weapons were like divine swords piercing the sky straight into the sky!

In the downtown area, there is a huge wealthy manor.

Inside, there are pavilions and pavilions, fragrant grass everywhere, and even tigers and beasts are kept in captivity. It occupies a huge area and has countless servants.

Yes, this manor is the seat of the No. 1 wealthy family in India, the Vias family.

At this time, the sky was overcast.

Moist thermals from the Indian Ocean swept the city.

Huge cumulonimbus clouds enveloped the entire city with tens of millions of tons of water vapor.

The air was so dreary that it was almost impossible to breathe.

“**** the weather!”

“Looks like, tomorrow’s uncle’s wedding will have to be postponed again.”

At this time, a luxury car came and stopped in an open space in the manor.

With the respect of the waiter, a young couple got out of the car, holding each other.

At this time, the speaker was a white man in his early thirties.

Looking at the **** weather, I was complaining.

“I’ve checked the weather, and this airflow will pass tonight.”

“Uncle’s wedding tomorrow is a sunny day,” the woman said.

“That’s good.” The man nodded.

While they were talking, the couple noticed the doorway, and there was a delicate figure cleaning the dust of the stairs.

The man was wearing a dark gray tattered dress, flaxen hair was messily draped over his shoulders, and there was even a bit of dust on his face.

Holding a broom, she clumsily cleaned the fallen leaves on the ground.

Suddenly, he accidentally stepped on the steps and fell to the ground.

The man noticed her existence, glanced at her, and cursed in a low voice, then turned his head away, unwilling to look any more.

The woman beside her noticed the change in her husband’s mood, so she let the man enter the house by herself, while she walked towards the girl dressed as a servant.


Noah sat on the steps, looking at the ****** skin on her ankle, with a painful expression on her little face.

Da da..

At this time, there was the sound of high heels hitting the ground.

Nuoya raised her head, saw the person coming, stood up immediately, and said in panic, “Sister-in-law.”


The woman slapped Noah directly in the face.

“You still have the face to call my sister-in-law?”

“You lied to your teacher and destroyed your ancestors, abandoned your country and betrayed your family, your father died because of you, and your uncle was injured because of you.”

“If it weren’t for your brother’s kindness, you would have died!”

“Remember to me that you have long been expelled from the family. Now you are just a despicable servant of the Vias family!”

The woman spoke viciously, seeing in her heart that the eldest princess, who was so much loved in the past, is now down and down, this woman no doubt sneered in her heart.

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