A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3900 by Novelsyou

Immediately afterwards, an arm was cut off in anger.

The dark red blood spilled into the sky and fell to the ground.

“Big brother!”

The rest of the people saw this and their eyes were red.

“*******, I fought with you!”

They shouted angrily and rushed towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was unmoved and stomped abruptly.

A gust of energy wrapped around the majestic majesty, like a mountain, crashing down.

“Kneel down!”


The sound was like muffled thunder, with unquestionable majesty.

After Ye Fan drank this, Fang Xiaoyuan trembled.

And these people’s bodies, all out of control, knelt on the ground.

Huge force, pressing their legs to smash the ground.

The bones were shattered, and the knee was almost broken!



Everyone was stunned.

The old man looked at Ye Fan like a ghost.

Geeta was also frightened in place.

As for those who bullied Gita’s grandparents, they were even more miserable and frightened.

oh my ***!

Who is this young man?

“Gita, go over and keep fighting.”

“If anyone doesn’t apologize, they will be called to apologize!”

Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

This time, Little Geeta didn’t hesitate any more, but happily replied, “Okay!”

Then he rushed up and punched and kicked at the people who bullied his grandmother, and his small palms slapped their faces.

“I made you bully grandma!”

“Let you bully grandma!”

Geeta beat and scolded.

After a while, these people apologized and begged for mercy.

Ye Fan didn’t kill them, but seeing that they had learned a lesson, he let these people go.

Although these people are hateful, their sins do not lead to death.

What’s more, in front of Gita and the old man, Ye Fan didn’t want to kill.

“Big brother, you are so handsome!”

“You are amazing.”

“Can you teach me martial arts?”

For so many years, Geeta has been bullied by others, and now for the first time to fight back, Geeta only feels relieved.

So, is this what it feels like to have power?

“Geta, I’m not making you addicted to violence by making you do this.”

“I just want you to know that there are some people in this world who are worthy of your life to protect!”

“Now, this person is your grandma. Later, it may be your friend, your wife, your children!”

“Mmmm.” Geeta nodded heavily, “But big brother, I’m too weak to protect them.”

“It’s alright, you are still young, and some time becomes stronger. Now, I will give you two paths.”

“The first rule is to go to school and study, and use knowledge to strengthen yourself.

When you are successful in your studies and full of financial resources, you will naturally gain social importance. At that time, you will be able to protect your loved ones. This is also the way most people choose in this world. ”

“The second rule is to practice martial arts. Once you have mastered the power and established a sect, no one will dare to insult you. However, this road is extremely dangerous, and even has the fear of life. In today’s world, few people take this road.”

“Two roads, two lives.”

“I’ll give you two days to think.”

“In two days, I will ask you for an answer!”

Ye Fan looked down at the little boy in front of him with deep eyes.

For a moment, Ye Fan’s eyes seemed to have traveled through the years and saw the humiliated self on Chumen Mountain.

Geeta was lucky, at least he met himself.

But back then, there was no one behind him.

In the face of his mother’s humiliation, who ever helped him?

After saying this, Ye Fan turned around and left.

The old man chased after him and persuaded Ye Fan to escape quickly.

It was said that those people were the subordinates of the Vias family, and behind him stood King Yintian.

After they go back, they will definitely tell the family and come to avenge their lives.

Facing the concern of the old man, Ye Fan smiled boldly.


“I, Chu Tianfan, have been running away for the first half of my life.”

“Escape from the Chu family, escape from the hometown, escape from the mother’s side.”

“But now, I no longer need to escape!”

Once a dead person, now a returnee.

Soon, the whole world will be waiting, Chu Tianfan, the king returns! ! !

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