A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3896 by Novelsyou

The old man was surprised and delighted.

He really didn’t expect Ye Fan to wake up.

If ordinary people are so injured, there is absolutely no hope of surviving.

However, this young man in front of him showed extremely tenacious vitality.

In just three days, it was like molting, all the burnt panels on his body faded away, and new skin grew.

Such a powerful self-healing ability is unheard of for the elderly. ,

But how did this old man know that the ones that were burned black before were not Ye Fan’s panels.

It was the dragon-like scales that appeared on the surface of Ye Fan’s body after the Thunder Dragon body was used.

It was under the protection of these scales that Ye Fan passed the Thunder Well safely.

At this time, Ye Fan undoubtedly remembered it.

Before he fell into a coma, he had just passed through the Thunder Well.

“By the way, when you meet me, can you see the things around me?”

Ye Fan suddenly remembered something, and immediately looked around.

“Is it these things?”

The little boy Gita gave some jade bottles and a token to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan breathed a sigh of relief.

Well, they are all there.

These are all babies.

Especially those elixir that Wan’er refined for him.

This kind of thing, on the whole earth, it is estimated that these bottles are in his hand.

“No, what about the weapons?”

“What about those swords and blades he brought out?”

Ye Fan remembered something again.

These are the things that he tried so hard to bring out, and they can’t be thrown away.

Geeta then told Ye Fan that those weapons were also there.

It’s just too heavy, they can’t move it, are they still standing in place?

Without saying a word, Ye Fan immediately asked Gita to lead him into the mountain.

At the place where Gita and his grandfather and grandson found Ye Fan, sure enough, there were five weapons sticking straight into the ground.

Yes, only five.

Although Ye Fan brought out ten weapons, five of them were broken by thunder in the thunder well.

Only the remaining five have withstood the forging of Thunder.

In this regard, Ye Fan has nothing to regret.

As the saying goes, big waves wash away the sand.

The remaining five are the real magic weapons.

Ye Fan walked over and pulled out all the five weapons from the rocks.

Then, with ropes, all tied behind his back.

“Come on, Geeta.”

“Let’s go back.”

Ye Fan carried the artifact and left here.

Geeta was stunned: “Big brother is amazing!”

“My grandma and I couldn’t lift something, but my big brother pulled it out.”

Ye Fan hummed, “What is this?”

“Believe it or not, I only use one finger to lift this mountain up for you!”

Ye Fan is now reincarnated in the two major body refining martial arts, and his physical defense and strength have reached an extremely terrifying level.

He now feels that with one punch of his own, a mountain can be shattered.

While speaking, Ye Fan kicked a 100-pound boulder in front of him.

Then, the two left here.



“So immoral!”

However, as the saying goes, the stone smashes the dog and barks.

The boulder that Ye Fan kicked flew hundreds of meters before hitting a black cow with a charred body.

The black bull, who had just woken up from a coma, was smashed to the ground by a boulder before he could get up.

With a scream, countless birds flew away!




“You know King Yintian?”

On the way back, Ye Fan began to ask some questions.

For example, where is he now.

How far is it from the Palace of Flores.

Do you know about Yintian King Fentian?

Originally, Ye Fan didn’t have any hope. After all, this little guy just grew up in a slum, and he couldn’t know about the top things in society.

However, to Ye Fan’s surprise, Gita actually knew the whereabouts of Yintian King Fentian.


“Indian King is in New Delhi!”

“My grandmother and I went to the mountains to collect herbs for King Yintian.”

“I don’t know why, but in the last month, King Yintian issued a reward, which requires a lot of medicinal materials.”

“That’s why many people went into the mountains to collect herbs so that they could exchange money!”

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