A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3889 by Novelsyou

“What method?”

“Can you really help me break through the seventh layer of the Thunder Dragon Body?”

Ye Fan was suddenly surprised.

He had already given up hope, but he did not expect that the little monster in front of him would surprise him again.

Seeing Duanmu Wan’er nodding again, Ye Fan’s heart was undoubtedly more joyful.

“Quick, Wan’er, tell me, what else can I do?”

“This method…” Duanmu Wan’er was a little embarrassed, and the blush on her pretty face became more intense.

“Wan’er, it’s okay, no matter what method, as long as it can help me break through the seventh layer of the Thunder Dragon Body, I will do it.”

“Even if you need to let me go up the Knife Mountain and get off the frying pan, I, Ye Fan, will do it!”

Ye Fan vowed to speak.

Seeing Ye Fan’s determination, Duanmu Wan’er just made a final decision.


“However, next, you must obey my instructions in everything.”

“Okay!” Ye Fan agreed without thinking.

However, what Ye Fan didn’t expect was that Duanmu Wan’er’s first instruction to him was to let him knock the ox unconscious, and then lock him in a room in front of him.

“This this…”

Ye Fan was stunned, he couldn’t figure out what the existence of this scalper had to do with his chain repair.

“If you want to break through, stun it.”

“Otherwise, I won’t help you.”

Duanmu Wan’er saw Ye Fan’s hesitation and repeated it again.

Ye Fan was also helpless.

Seeing the scalper lying on the ground and slumbering, drunk and unconscious, Ye Fan slapped the scalper directly on the forehead.

But who would have thought that not only did the scalper not faint, but he even jumped up from the ground.

A pair of bull’s eyes were the size of a copper bell, staring at Ye Fan with anger.

It seemed like he was questioning Ye Fan.

I take you as my brother, you actually attacked me?

Ye Fan was also dumbfounded at the time.

He felt that he was working very hard just now, that is, the titled master, Ye Fan’s slap just now, the designation was also stunned.

But this stupid cow, not only did not faint, but was woken up by him.


“Dude, misunderstanding…”

“It’s all a misunderstanding…”

Ye Fan felt guilty and was thinking about how to explain this to the scalpers.

But then, with a bang, the scalper who had just stood up fell to the ground with a bang.

Completely fainted.

This time, Ye Fan was relieved.

Then he picked it up and locked it in a small dark room next to the corridor.

“and then?”

Ye Fan continued to ask.

Although he didn’t know what the girl in front of him wanted to do, Ye Fan still chose to trust her unconditionally.

“Pinch your nose with one hand, straighten the other hand, and turn in place three times.”

Duanmu Wan’er continued.

Ye Fan did the same again: “Wan’er, is that so?”


This time, seeing Ye Fan’s somewhat comical performance, Duanmu Wan’er couldn’t help it, and laughed outright with a puff.

The silver bell-like words, like the sounds of nature, are pleasant and pleasing to the ear.

At that time, no matter how stupid Ye Fan was, he realized that the dead girl was playing tricks on her, and his face turned dark: “Well, you Wan’er, how dare you play tricks on me?”

“Look I don’t teach you a good lesson!”

Ye Fan ran over and tapped Duanmu Wan’er’s delicate forehead with his finger.


Who would have thought that this little girl not only did not hide, but stuck out her tongue at Ye Fan.

The cute and charming appearance made Ye Fan feel dazed for a while.

This girl who looks like a person in a painting is hated and can’t be hated.

“You’re still laughing, I’m dying of anxiety.”

“Laugh again, I’m going to be angry!” Ye Fan pretended to be vicious.

Only then did Duanmu Wan’er stop laughing.

However, she still looked at Ye Fan with joy in her eyes: “By the way, Ye Fan, you believe me so much, you do what I tell you to do, aren’t you afraid that I will hurt you?”

“After all, we’ve only just met.”

“You don’t even know my origin, my identity.”

Duanmu Wan’er looked at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan chuckled: “I’ve always been very accurate in seeing people.”

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