A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3887 by Novelsyou

She may not understand Ye Fan, but she can understand those who are waiting for Ye Fan.

Just like her, waiting alone, her brother came to pick her up.

“Ye Fan, let me repair the chain for you.”

After a long silence, Duanmu Wan’er seemed to have made up her mind.

She bit her red lips with her teeth, and her beautiful eyes were full of determination.

Ye Fan didn’t expect Duanmu Wan’er to be of any help.

After all, after getting along for the past few days, Ye Fan has already discovered that Duanmu Wan’er is a person who does not know martial arts.

Perhaps, there is a very powerful martial arts secret in her inheritance memory, but Duanmu Wan’er did not repair the chain.

She is not interested in these.

What kind of help can a person with a different martial arts do to himself in the chain repair of the Thunder Dragon Body?

At most, that is, tell yourself the mental formula of the Thunder Dragon Body.

But it turned out that Ye Fan underestimated the role of this girl.

In her inherited memory, not only these secret techniques, but also her clan seniors’ perception of the Thunder Dragon Body.


“It is said that when the Thunder Dragon body is trained to the highest level, it can transform into a dragon…”


“Thunder dragon body, it is not simply to absorb the power of thunder to forge **, but to merge with it, water and milk. Blend…”


“Everything in the world has a spirit.”

“Plants and trees have spirits, heaven and earth have spirits, and thunder also has spirits…”


“Use your heart to feel the presence of thunder, feel their breath, feel their spirituality…”


“When your soul is in harmony with the spirit of thunder, then for you, thunder will no longer be the majestic force of destruction and destruction…”

“It’s the wings of a tiger, like a fish in water…”


The girl’s agile voice was like a beating elf.

The beautiful sound is a kind of enjoyment in itself.

While speaking, Duanmu Wan’er conveyed the chain repair concept of the predecessors to Ye Fan.

At this time, the girl, like a serious and competent teacher, imparted her knowledge without reservation.

Ye Fan listened, comprehended, and inspected carefully.

Like a dry sponge, it greedily absorbs these nutrients.

It has to be said that these chain repair ideas that Duanmu Waner told Ye Fan now are undoubtedly timely rain for Ye Fan.

It was only at this moment that Ye Fanfang realized what kind of martial arts this Thunder Dragon Body was.

This is not just a set of body refining techniques.

What is the art of refining the body?

Amplify the power, strengthen the body.

Let the flesh and blood be hard against guns and guns.

This is body training!

However, according to Wan’er’s words, the refinement of the Thunder Dragon’s body can actually mobilize the power of Thunder.

Its strength has far surpassed the Thunder Dragon Body that Ye Fan had repaired before.

Just like that, in the next few days, Ye Fan and Duanmu Wan’er explored the method of repairing the Thunder Dragon Body, and then asked Ye Fan to verify it.

Some of Duanmu Wan’er could rely on the experience in memory to solve the confusion, while others could study it together with Ye Fan.

day, night…

day to day.

Forget about eating and sleeping!

During this period, the scalpers repeatedly called the two of them to play with him, but they were all ignored.

The ox was hurt.

Co-authoring it becomes redundant!

However, seeing Ye Fan and Duanmu Wan’er getting along well, Huang Niu suddenly became a little happy again.

He remembered what the uncle entrusted to the scalper before he died.

“Wan’er is a poor girl.”

“Her world is very small, so small that she has only her brother, and so small that she has only one sustenance in her heart.”

“If possible, find another sustenance for Wan’er.”

“Find someone who can take care of her in place of her brother.”

“In this case, even if one of the lights is extinguished, there is still another light to rely on.”

“That way, you won’t despair…”


The scalper suddenly discovered that perhaps the human named Ye Fan in front of him was another sustenance that he and his uncle had been looking for for Wan’er.

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