A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3886 by Novelsyou

“Even he doesn’t have the confidence to break through the top three layers within a year.”

“At least three years.” The scalper shook his head.

Ye Fan listened with a confused expression: “Is it so difficult to practice?”

“I think it’s easy.”

“By the way, Wan’er, please give me the fourth layer of Thunder Dragon Body Mind Technique.”

“I strive to reach the fourth level before tomorrow.”

Ye Fan urged from the side.

But Huang Niu and Duanmu Wan’er were shocked at the time.

The jaw almost dropped.

“you you..”

“The first three floors, you have practiced… have you practiced?” The scalper looked at Ye Fan like a ghost.

Ye Fan nodded: “Yes, it doesn’t feel so difficult right?”

“I thought, after three days, I should be able to reach the seventh floor.”

The room was suddenly quiet here.

Huang Niu and Duanmu Wan’er were shocked and speechless.

You must know that the Thunder Dragon Body is the supreme body refining technique that few people in Wan’er’s clan have cultivated for thousands of years.

But this person in front of him has broken three floors in three days?

I’ll go to your mother!

Are you the devil?

The ox was about to cry.

It also tried to practice this Thunder Dragon body.

But not to mention repairing the chain, it can’t even read it. Finally gave up.

“Okay… okay.”

Duanmu Wan’er wiped the cold sweat from her forehead and handed the fourth weight of the Thunder Dragon to Ye Fan.


After Ye Fan took it, he turned around and left, and continued to devote himself to repairing the chain.

There was no way, Yao’er was still waiting for him outside, and the words on the stone wall made Ye Fan even more uneasy.

Troubled times will begin, and titles will not exist.

The catastrophe that can make the titled powerhouse disappear, how can those ordinary people survive?

His Mucheng, his Xiaolei, and the people Ye Fan cared about were all still outside?

Ye Fan was really scared.

He was afraid that he would be stuck here for too long.

When he went out, what he saw was just a piece of lifeless ruins.


Must be fast!

Break through the seventh level of the Thunder Dragon Body as soon as possible!


However, it backfired.

This time, it took a full seven days.

The fourth level of the Thunder Dragon Body has not yet broken through.

“**** it!”

“Why, why haven’t you broken through yet?”


With the passage of time, Ye Fan’s heart became more and more anxious. In the end, the rush of fire attacked his heart, and the power of thunder in his body instantly lost control, and there was a rampage in Ye Fan’s body!


Ye Fan’s chain repair was forcibly interrupted, a mouthful of blood was immediately spit out, and finally fell heavily to the ground.


This sudden movement naturally shocked Duanmu Waner and the others.

Seeing Ye Fan’s pale face and vomiting blood, Duanmu Wan’er rushed forward.

Give an elixir to Ye Fan.

When Ye Fan woke up, he found himself lying on the spiritual bed.

Beside the bed, Duanmu Wan’er was making medicine for Ye Fan.

“You’re awake.” Duanmu Wan’er smiled softly.

“You’re a lunatic.”

“If it weren’t for your physical strength, you would be dead!”

“Why bother?”

“Is it that good outside?”

“Don’t go out in such a hurry.”

“Besides, isn’t it bad to stay here?”

“Someone can play with you, someone can sleep with you, and someone can give you a baby.”

“And outside, it’s almost over.”

“Uncle said that the catastrophe is coming, and everyone will die.”

“And as long as we stay here, we can all live.”

The scalper looked at Ye Fan angrily.

Ye Fan smiled bleakly: “If everyone you care about is dead, only you will live.”

“It’s like a long wasteland, only you are walking alone.”

“What’s the difference between death and life?”

Ye Fan felt depressed.

“You’re a cow, you don’t understand.”

“You have lived here since you were a child.”

“For you, the land of this size is your whole world.”

“But this is not my world.”

“It’s outside.”

“There are a lot of people waiting for me there.”

“Even if the world ends, I, Chu Tianfan, will accompany them.”

He still has a lot to do.

His courtiers, his women, his enemies…

So many things are waiting for him.

But he was trapped in this dark place and couldn’t get out.

Even though he is a genius, he is useless.

So many years of hard work, so much suffering, what’s the point?

The scalpers could not understand Ye Fan’s words.

But Duanmu Wan’er was stunned.

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