A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3885 by Novelsyou


“Is it done?”

Ye Fan was a little stunned, apparently not realizing that he had already mastered the first level of “Thunder Dragon Body”.

He just felt a little familiar, so he tried to run it.

Who would have thought that it would be successful all of a sudden.

However, this result is undoubtedly welcome.

Ye Fan so easily trained the first layer of the Thunder Dragon Body, so the remaining layers should be able to repair the chain successfully, it is just a matter of time.

In other words, Ye Fan has seen the hope of leaving here.

“Wan’er, thank you very much.”

After learning that he had inadvertently repaired the first layer of the Thunder Dragon Body, Ye Fan was undoubtedly overjoyed.

Without further ado, he continued to repair the second layer of the chain.

According to Duanmu Wan’er’s judgment, if Ye Fan wants to pass the Thunder Well, the Thunder Dragon must be repaired to the seventh floor at least.

The Thunder Dragon body has nine levels of small realms, but every three levels has a large realm.

The first realm contains the power of thunder.

The second realm is to quench the body with thunder.

The third realm is the transformation of Thunder Dragon.


With the deepening of Ye Fan’s chain repair, a large amount of thunder power began to flow out of the thunder well under the traction of Ye Fan, and poured into the thunder pattern between Ye Fan’s eyebrows.

With Ye Fan as the center, within a few meters of the surrounding area, the violent thunder power raged wildly.

The overflowing power shattered the bowls that the ox ate.

“Depend on!”

“You repair the chain, my old cow suffers.”

“I did it for you!”

After enduring Ye Fan for almost a day, seeing his beloved toys and paintings, almost all suffered.

The scalper couldn’t bear it any longer. When Ye Fan was resting in the middle, the scalper stretched out a hoof and kicked Ye Fan out directly.


“Go and practice outside!”

Although he was kicked inexplicably, Ye Fan was not angry, but after a moment of repair, he turned around and went to the room where the Thunder Well was located.

As Ye Fan retreated, the entire cave returned to its former silence again.

Moreover, Ye Fan’s retreat lasted for a few days.

It never came out again.

Duanmu Wan’er was afraid of Ye Fan’s accident, so she visited many times during the period.

Seeing that Ye Fan was all right, she was relieved.

“Wan’er, how long did it take for that human to finish the first three levels?”

Duanmu Wan’er thought for a while: “The difficulty of repairing the Thunder Dragon Body increases exponentially. No matter how talented you are, it will take at least a year to complete the first three levels.”

However, the scalper shook his head: “You look at him too highly. I think that even if you give him three years, he won’t be able to practice the top three.”

“Repairing the chain, it is best not to rush for quick success.”

“He was thinking about going out, and with such an eager heart, he must not be able to calm down.”

“If you are not in a peaceful state of mind, how can you talk about cultivation and diligence?”

The ox shook his head and said.

“But that’s fine.”

“If he stays here for a few more years, he will be able to accompany you for a few more years.”

“At that time, when he achieves great feats, maybe he can take you out of here.”

The scalper looked at Duanmu Wan’er, the always cynical scalper suddenly became serious at this moment.

But Duanmu Wan’er shook her head: “I won’t leave, I want to be here, waiting for my brother.”

Hearing the words, the scalper opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he closed his mouth after all.

Three days later.

The scalper is playing cards with Duanmu Wan’er.

Ye Fan suddenly appeared here.

Seeing Ye Fan, Duanmu Wan’er laughed softly: “Are you tired of repairing the chain?”

“Then take a rest.”

“Uncle Long said that repairing the chain is not an overnight thing, so don’t worry.”

“We must combine work and rest.”

“Only by calming your mind can you hope to develop the first three layers of Thunder Dragon Body within a year.”

“One year?” Ye Fan was stunned.

Seeing this, the ox immediately laughed.

“Wan’er, I said you were too optimistic.”

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