A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3883 by Novelsyou

“The power of thunder is the power of heaven.”

“To resist the might of heaven is the way to seek death.”

“So, if you want to pass the Thunder Well, it’s not a wise move to break through.”

“But, if you can’t resist, then join in.”

“In my memory, there is a set of body refining secret techniques called “Thunder Dragon Ti”.”

“Forgeable body, able to absorb the power of thunder.”

“Let the power of thunder be used for your own use!”

“When you reach the peak, you can turn into a Thunder Dragon in the flesh.”

“If you raise your hands, you will have the power of thunder.”

“A casual strike has the power to destroy the sky and destroy the earth.”

“Of course, in addition to its powerful power, the greatest magic of this body refining technique is to increase the affinity with the power of thunder.”

“At that time, when you enter the sea of ​​thunder, you will be like a fish like water.”

“The violent power of thunder is no longer a threat to your life, but will increase your power, like a duck in water.”

As Duanmu Wan’er spoke, she handed a book to Ye Fan.

It is the secret of recording “Thunder Dragon Body”.

“However, “Thunder Dragon Body” is powerful, but the threshold for chain repair is also extremely high.”

“Not only does the person who repairs the chain need extremely high understanding, but also has extremely high requirements for the toughness of the person who repairs the chain.”

“I wrote this technique back then and asked Uncle Long to practice it.”

“It’s a pity that although Uncle Long has extraordinary understanding, his body is mediocre.”

“The first volume of “Thunder Dragon Body” needs to be tempered with thunder.”

“As a result, when the first volume of the chain was repaired, Uncle Long’s body was unable to resist the power of thunder and was seriously injured by the backlash.”

“So later, I thought about it, “Thunder Dragon Body” is not suitable for people to directly repair the chain.”

“Before this, it is best for those who cultivate the chain to master a body-refining martial art to strengthen the physical body and pave the way for the repairing of the “Thunder Dragon Body”.”

“But Ye Fan, in my heritage memory, there is only this one.”

“Ye Fan, do you really want to repair the chain?”

In the cave, Duanmu Wan’er explained the objective situation to Ye Fan.

Back then, it wasn’t that they didn’t try to leave here.

However, in the end it failed.

And finally led to the fall of that Uncle Long.

Therefore, this body refining secret technique and chain repair are extremely risky.

If it wasn’t for her eagerness to see Ye Fan leave, Duanmu Wan’er would not have told Ye Fan this method.

She didn’t want Ye Fan to take risks, and she didn’t want Ye Fan to step into her Uncle Long’s end.

When Duanmu Wan’er was full of worry, the scalper who was playing cards beside her was also saying sarcastic words: “Give it up, human.”

“You can’t get out.”

“This “Thunder Dragon Body” is not a secret technique practiced by humans.”

“Uncle was so powerful back then that he practiced himself to death, and now the bones are still piled up in the corner?”

“So, don’t look for death.”

“Is it bad to live?”

“Play with me.”

“In the future, while Wan’er is not paying attention, you can put Wan’er to sleep again.”

“And then have seven or eight children.”

“You can play with me when you grow up.”

“The more people there are, the more lively it will be.”

The scalper said leisurely there.

It naturally didn’t want to let Ye Fan go, and the scalper didn’t think Ye Fan could go.

It knows that “Thunder Dragon Body” is powerful, but it is a secret martial art that kills people.

** Mortal tires repair the chain directly, that is courting death.


“Why are not you talking?”

“Do you think seven or eight children are a little short?”

“It’s not impossible to want to live more.”

“Just discuss it with Wan’er.”

After talking for a long time, the scalper was a little puzzled when he saw that Ye Fan didn’t talk to him.

It immediately turned its head and looked at Ye Fan.

But the next moment, the whole ox was stupid, and all the cards in his hand fell to the ground.

I saw that on the spiritual bed in front of him, Ye Fan had already sat down with his knees crossed.

On his body, golden light surged, and his muscles were vigorous.

The whole person is like cast iron, and the explosive power is madly escaping from him.

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