A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3882 by Novelsyou

Afterwards, the heavy fist fell, and Wuji Jiujin burst out one after another.


Nine punches.

In front of this stone statue that spanned thousands of years, it shattered and withered in an instant.

“Why did you break it?” Duanmu Wan’er wondered.

Ye Fan said: “It’s because of it that I’m trapped here. I have to vent.”

Ye Fan said so.

Of course, aside from this reason, Ye Fan still had some doubts.

Back then, on Mount Foluo, the phantom projected by the ancestors of India used this stone statue as a medium.

Just like in the battle of Chumen Mountain, the soul power of the old lady was manifested through the ancient sword of Yunyang.

Therefore, the power of the soul projected by the ancestors of India must also be pinned on some object.

And, most likely, it is this stone statue.

Sure enough, as soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, a phantom appeared in the shattered stone statue.

It is the ancestor of the country of India!

“Nameless child, how dare you damage the stone body of my idol?”

“I, Ig, swear to burn you to ashes!”

The phantom spoke ruthlessly.

Ye Fanli ignored it, and slapped the phantom away with a slap.

When the stone statue was destroyed, the power of the soul of the ancestors of India became water without a source, a tree without roots, except for a few shouts, there was no threat at all.

In the future, if the Buddha Palace in India wants to ask for help from the so-called ancestors, even if they cry out their throats, it is estimated that they will not be able to cry out.

“You just used the sixth form of Yun Dao Tian Jue, Wu Ji Jin.”

Duanmu Wan’er’s sudden voice made Ye Fan tremble.

“You… do you know Yun Dao Tian Jue?”

Duanmu Wan’er smiled softly: “Hehe… Wan’er knows, but there are many.”

After speaking, Duanmu Wan’er stopped and continued to lead Ye Fan forward.

Until the two came to a wellhead.

“This is the exit, jump down and you can leave here.” Duanmu Wan’er pointed.

Ye Fan looked down.

Stab it!

With a loud bang, a lightning bolt came straight out of the well.

Frightened, Ye Fan suddenly retreated.

But fortunately, when the thunder power reached the mouth of the well, it dissipated.

“Wan’er, are you sure you’re not cheating on me?”

“Is this well the exit?”

“This is clearly a dead end!”

Although there was only a quick glance just now, Ye Fan also saw it clearly.

Beneath the wellhead, it turned out to be a monstrous sea of ​​thunder.

Yes, it is full of violent thunder power.

The scorching air wave when the door was opened just now was probably the result of the power of this thunder spilling over.

Moreover, Ye Fan finally knew that in the previous battle of Mount Furuo, the thunder chains that emerged should also come from the power of thunder in this deep well.

I really did not expect that such a powerful force is still hidden in this cave!


Seeing Ye Fan’s appearance, Duanmu Wan’er smiled and bent over.

It seemed that she liked seeing Ye Fan’s embarrassment.

“I didn’t lie to you, it’s true.”

“Life and death go hand in hand.”

“If you can withstand the power of this thunder and cross this sea of ​​thunder, you will naturally leave here.”

“Otherwise, it will be difficult.”

“My Uncle Long has a magical power, and he can’t pass through it.”

“Of course, if you want to try it, you can try it.”

Duanmu Wan’er said jokingly.

Try and die.

Ye Fan walked over and looked down from the well again.

He eventually backed away.

Can not be done.

He had experienced the power of thunder in it.

Just four thunder powers made Ye Fan extremely embarrassed.

But in this well, there are probably thousands of thunders.

“**** it!”

“Is it really impossible to get out?”

Ye Fan punched the ground depressed.

The hope that had just ignited in my heart was extinguished again.

“I didn’t expect that I, Chu Tianfan, would be trapped here without accomplishing my great cause and avenging my great revenge!”

Ye Fan, who has always been stable and calm, is unable to keep calm at this time.

Anger, despair, eagerness…

Various emotions filled Ye Fan’s heart.

Duanmu Wan’er saw Ye Fan’s pained expression, and said unbearably, “If you have to leave, I can help you.”

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