A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3879 by Novelsyou

I don’t know how long it took.

Ye Fan shoved away the delicate woman in his arms.

Taking a few steps back, he retreated directly to the wall.

The woman’s cool touch on the corner of her lips is still there, but Ye Fan’s expression has completely changed.

Of course, what surprised Ye Fan was not the fact that the girl absorbed his essence.

Rather, the opponent’s spiritual strength.


Just now, in the depths of Ye Fan’s consciousness, a thought, an illusion, really emerged.

It was as if he really had a sister.

The sense of familiarity and intimacy is too real.

But Ye Fan, who had calmed down, quickly woke up from that illusory feeling.

He realized that it was the other party’s spiritual power that affected him.

It has been recorded in the Yundao Heavenly Book that there are many forms of power.

There is spiritual power, and there is the power of fist to flesh.

The latter is more common, but the former is rare and ethereal.

But in fact, everyone has spiritual power, but the strength is different.

A powerhouse at the level of Chu Fan, whose might is exuding, is so overwhelming that it is actually the effect of exuding mental power.

But it doesn’t affect people’s minds.

However, the woman in front of her actually affected Ye Fan’s mind.

This is undoubtedly a very scary thing.

“Aren’t you brother?”

The girl got off the bed and stared at Ye Fan with watery eyes.

Ye Fan clearly saw that the girl’s originally bright eyes were slowly darkening and darkening…

It was as if the flickering light in the darkness was slowly extinguishing.

An unprecedented sadness swept through like a tide.


The entire cave began to tremble, and fine cracks began to appear like spider webs.

Ye Fan was still in a daze, not knowing what happened.

Only the scalper was extremely frightened, and rushed over to comfort the girl: “Wan’er, he was sent by your brother to see you.”

“Your brother said that he will come to pick you up soon.”

“You’ll see your brother soon.”

The scalper shouted loudly, as if afraid that the girl wouldn’t hear it.


“Is it really my brother who asked you to see me?” the girl asked Ye Fan.

The ox quickly winked at him.

Ye Fan understood what it meant, although he didn’t know why the scalper told him to lie, Ye Fan still did.

“Yes, it was your brother who asked me to visit you.”

“Hehe, my brother really didn’t forget his promise.”

Sure enough, after hearing this, the girl’s dull eyes lit up again. The whole person also became happy.

As if the dark clouds dissipated, the entire cave dwelling calmed down again.


The ox let out a long sigh of relief.

It was really dangerous just now.

Almost buried here.

“Brother Niu, what’s the situation?” After stabilizing the girl’s emotions, Ye Fan pulled the scalper and asked in a low voice.

The scalper hurriedly said: “It’s hard to describe, in short, this is a very scary girl. She was born with an extremely powerful spiritual power. The sadder she is, the stronger this spiritual power will be.”

“Uncle said, don’t let her despair.”

“When Wan’er is desperate, the whole world will be buried with him.”

“Wan’er has been imprisoned here since she was very young.”

“She’s been waiting for her brother to pick her up.”

“That is her only pursuit and perseverance, her only weapon against the long river of time and loneliness.”

“If this thought is gone, the only light in her heart will be extinguished.”

“If she’s desperate, we’ll all die.”

“You pushed her just now and almost killed us both.”

The scalper solemnly said to Ye Fan.

After Ye Fan heard this, a chill went down his spine.

He looked at the beautiful girl in front of him again, and Ye Fan’s eyes had completely changed.

From the initial appreciation, it has become a bit of fear now.

It’s like looking at a little monster.

He now regrets waking up this little monster.

Don’t say leave here, or you will be killed by this little monster.

Ye Fan was also extremely frightened by the spiritual power that overflowed from the girl’s sadness just now.

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