A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3878 by Novelsyou

“Your martial arts were taught by the lady Wan’er you said?” Ye Fan asked with a frown.

He felt more and more that the sleeping girl was a little mysterious.


“Do you want to wake her up?”

“The three of us can play Landlord together.” Since Ye Fan taught him how to play poker, he has been deeply fascinated by this card game.

“Didn’t you say that only her brother can wake her up?”

The scalper shook his head: “Her brother won’t be here, instead of letting Wan’er fall asleep, you might as well wake her up.”

While talking, the scalper shook Ye Fan’s sleeve with his mouth and went to the bed.

“How to wake up?” Ye Fan asked.

The scalper grinned and said, “I slept with her.”

“What… what?” Ye Fan’s eyes were about to pop out.

Originally, he thought that this cow was very simple, but why was it so wretched all of a sudden.

“Come on, wake her up.” The scalper urged again.

Ye Fan’s face darkened: “Go away. I’m not such a casual person.”


The ox laughed even happier.

“Looks like you’re not a bad person.”

“Uncle said that this method is used to identify good people and bad people.”

“If you really put Wan’er to sleep, you’re a bad person.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you the right way now, just kiss her and she’ll wake up.”

“It’s true this time.”

The ox said to Ye Fan.

Although the cow patted its chest to assure Ye Fan, Ye Fan still had some doubts.

He had read a novel before, called Liaozhai Zhiyi.

When humans kiss the female ghost, they will be sucked dry by the female ghost.

Ye Fan was afraid that the scalper was also plotting against him.

However, when Ye Fan was still hesitating, the scalper turned around and slammed his **** against Ye Fan: “Let’s go!”

This sudden force naturally caused Ye Fan to lose his balance.

The whole person rushed directly towards the sleeping ******* the spiritual bed.

It was directly pressed on the girl.

Fortunately, Ye Fan supported his body with his hands in time.

The corners of his lips also stopped dangerously at an inch above the cheeks of the woman below him.

The two were so close that they could smell it.

But luckily, it didn’t happen.


Ye Fan breathed a sigh of relief.

so close.

Just a little bit, otherwise you will really feel sorry for your wife.

However, just as Ye Fan was rejoicing, the slender eyelashes of the sleeping girl below him moved slightly.

The next second, a pair of beautiful eyes slowly opened.

What kind of eyes, like a fairy who has been sleeping for a long time, opened for the first time after a thousand years.

In just an instant, Ye Fan felt that he was swallowed up by the overwhelming loneliness and sadness.

“Brother, have you finally come to pick up Wan’er?”

Two lines of crystal clear, flowing down the girl’s snow-white cheeks.

With tears in his eyes, he stared at the young man who was so close in front of him.

Afterwards, she raised her head slightly, and her warm lips took the initiative to kiss it.

Hundreds of years of waiting, thousands of day and night misses.

After a long period of darkness and loneliness, she finally waited for her brother.

At that moment, Ye Fan felt like his soul was struck by lightning.

He froze there, his mind went blank.

The loneliness and sadness surged into Ye Fan’s soul like a tide.

For a moment, Ye Fan also wondered, is he really her brother?

Is the person she has been waiting for really herself?

But Ye Fan couldn’t remember when he had a younger sister.

There should be none.

But why is it so familiar?

Why does it feel so familiar when you see her eyes?

It’s like the girl who once looked back at him thousands of times.

Her eyes, the corners of her lips, and even the touch on her skin were all so familiar.

Familiar, as if the old met!

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