A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3874 by Novelsyou

The second is that the other party is so strong that his breath is compatible with the world, so that Ye Fan’s soul power cannot be sensed at all.

If it is the former, fine.

If it is the latter, Ye Fan’s next situation will undoubtedly be extremely dangerous.

But even so, Ye Fan still ventured forward.

Finally, the passage came to an end.

The space is also suddenly open.

The light here is no longer the dim color before, but brighter.

The crisp da da sound echoes incessantly here.

Ye Fan hesitated for a while, but finally stepped in.


This is a spacious cave space.

No… it should be a house.

Into the eye, is a wooden sofa, covered with soft and warm fur.

In front of the sofa is a desk with several books and a bunch of pale yellow flowers in a flowerpot.

The ancient bronze lamp beside the table flickered a lonely light.

Calligraphy and paintings are hung on the stone wall behind the sofa.

Perhaps because of the age, the colors on it have faded, but from the pattern, the author’s superb painting skills can still be seen.

These works, if they are in the world, must be national treasure-level works of art.

This was the first sight Ye Fan saw. Whether it was calligraphy, painting or books, it gave him a feeling of art and loneliness.

He continued to walk inside, and soon saw a huge bed in the center of the room.

It is covered with soft fur.

But the stone bed under the fur didn’t know what material it was, and it actually showed a slight blue light.

Like sunlight reflecting off a crystal.

Of course, this did not surprise Ye Fan.

What shocked Ye Fan the most was that there was a person lying on the spiritual bed.

a woman!

Naked woman!

The snow-white skin is like white jade, the slender body, the slender abdomen, and the slightly towering snow peaks outline a graceful arc in the shimmer.

This is a wonderful arc that is very seductive, enough to make any man crazy and ******!

What’s more, the owner of this body has a stunning face that looks like Snow White in a fairy tale.

Although her eyes are closed, just looking at her facial features is still breathtakingly beautiful.

This is a near-perfect body with a near-perfect face.

Her beauty was completely different from Tang Yun and Qiu Mucheng.

The beauty of Tang Yun and the others may be a little lacking, but the truth of beauty can be touched and can trigger the most primitive *** in human beings.

But the one in front of him, the perfect one, is so unreal.

Like, the heroine in the painting.

One can only be amazed and admired, and people can’t have any blasphemous thoughts at all, only the emotion of the creator.

Such a person should not exist in this world.

The appearance of this woman undoubtedly aroused Ye Fan’s great vigilance.

But soon, Ye Fan’s eyes were attracted by the voice not far away.

I saw an open area not far from the bedside.

A rectangular mat is laid on the ground.

On the mat, there was a yellow calf, standing upright like a man.

A pair of hind hooves landed on the ground, and fore hooves volleyed into the air.

Moreover, the two hind legs were raised alternately, like dancing, rhythmically moving with a unique rhythm.

Moreover, its two front legs in the air were not idle. When the rear legs were raised, it used the soles of the front legs to slap the hoofs of the rear legs.

Over and over again, over and over again.

At the same time, along with the rhythm of the body, it also shouted the beat.

“One two…one two…one two…”

Ye Fan was stunned at the time.

This this..

Is this really doing aerobics?

Ye Fan’s eyes were about to pop out.

A cow is actually doing aerobics?

Dare you think?

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