A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3873 by Novelsyou

Before, Ye Fan thought that these lamps were fixed on the wall, and the lower part was connected to the wall, and a large amount of lamp oil was stored in the wall for them to burn.

However, after the lamp was knocked over, Ye Fan was surprised to find that there was no connection. The lamp was placed directly there.

But, after so long, how could these lamps keep burning?

The lamp oil in the lamp is estimated to be able to burn for a day, which is the limit.

That is to say, there is always something here, adding lamp oil to these oil lamps!

Thinking of this, Ye Fan’s whole hair stood up.

The originally relaxed mood was instantly alert.

He was no longer in the mood to look at the collections in these rooms, but glanced around vigilantly.

The spirit of the whole person was instantly brought to the extreme.

Here, someone!

But who will it be?

Could it be that the ancestor of that country of India did not die, but lived here all the time.

This is definitely not good news for Ye Fan.

Although he had only brief contact with the so-called ancestor of India, Ye Fan felt that the strength of the other party was higher than himself.

Moreover, don’t forget that what Ye Fan encountered before was only the soul projection of the ancestors of India.

The strength of the body is undoubtedly stronger.

Although Ye Fan is arrogant, he also has a reputation for self-knowledge.

He couldn’t even fight against the ghost of the opponent’s soul.

Once you encounter the body, you will definitely die.

But how could it be?

The ancestors of India should be people hundreds of years ago.

How could such a person still be alive?

Could it be that he really became a fairy?

Ye Fan suddenly felt that a little crack began to appear in his worldview.

He believed that there were immortals in this world.

It’s just that he wasn’t sure whether anyone on Earth really ascended to immortality.

Therefore, in Ye Fan’s cognition, the affairs of immortals, gods and ghosts are only treated as legends.

It is also out of this understanding that Ye Fan feels that a person is the pinnacle of martial arts, and even stepping into the realm of the gods, his lifespan is still exhausted.

Over the years, it is extremely rare for a strong person to be over a hundred years old.

More than two hundred years old, Ye Fan has never seen it before.

Therefore, if the ancestors of India were still alive, then Ye Fan’s worldview would undoubtedly be overthrown.

He can’t imagine what kind of existence a person can live for hundreds of years and nearly a thousand years.


In the quiet cave, no sound could be heard.

Time and space seem to stand still here.

Only the sound of Ye Fan’s heart beating, he thought faintly.

The old gatehouse was closed, and the heavy dust revealed the vicissitudes of the years.

The lamps that had brought Ye Fan warmth before, now, when they fell into Ye Fan’s eyes, turned out to be a little terrifying.

Da da da


In the quiet cave mansion, a voice came.

The sound of da da was like a horse’s hoof hitting the ground.

Not too loud, but exceptionally crisp.

Especially in this closed and quiet space, it is particularly loud.

Ye Fan turned his head sharply, and his line of sight extended along the passage to the front end.

The voice came from there.

Would you like to go take a look?

A choice appeared in front of Ye Fan.

The seemingly simple choice, it is very likely, will be a matter of life and death.

Once he passes by and finds that the ancestors of India are sitting there, Ye Fan is basically certain to die.

But if you don’t pass, will you just stay here and die of old age holding this pile of treasures?


“Early death, early life, immortality for thousands of years!”


When Ye Fan gritted his teeth, a ruthless expression appeared on his handsome face.

Then… cautiously, he walked slowly towards the sound.


“Da da..”

The sound became clearer as it got closer.

However, Ye Fan’s brows were undoubtedly wrinkled even deeper.

Because he still didn’t feel the existence of any life.

There are undoubtedly two reasons for this to happen.

The first is that there is no life ahead.

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