A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3872 by Novelsyou

However, the promenade here is much wider, and four or five people walking side by side do not feel crowded.

On both sides of the corridor, there are closed doors.

All are black wooden doors.

The years have left traces of vicissitudes on them.

On both sides of each wooden door, there is a light on.

It is like the Changxin Palace lantern in the ancient palace of Yanxia.

The flames flickered, and the lamp oil burned slowly.

No one knows how many years the lights here have been burning.

Looking at the scene around him, Ye Fan had an illusion.

That feeling is like walking in the ancient folk alleys in the hot summer.

A house built with bluestone, a gate made of ebony, and two oil lamps hanging at the door.

The only difference was the deathly darkness around him.


“Isn’t my father dead?”

Ye Fan was a little panicked.

It really feels like entering ****.

Open the door and there are ghosts of afterlife floating in the room.

But why can’t I hear a little sound?

Even if it is really going to ****, there should be a scream of a ghost.

Driven by curiosity, Ye Fan tried to open the nearest door.


The door shaft turns, and ancient dust rustles down.

It seems that the years are passing by in front of Ye Fan.

Apparently no one has been here for a long time. Moreover, the time of existence should be very long.

This made Ye Fan heave a sigh of relief.

No one has been here, it’s better than opening the door and seeing a pair of beads staring at him inside.

Ye Fan walked in.

Inside is not the bed, table and other furniture that Ye Fan imagined, only the shelves are leaning against the wall.

There are books on the shelves.

Ye Fan turned around and found that they were all martial arts secrets.

“Dare you, have you entered the Book Collection Pavilion?”

Ye Fan smiled bitterly.

After looking at it, he left.

These martial arts exercises may be extremely precious to others.

But in Ye Fan’s eyes, it is undoubtedly nothing.

The secret techniques recorded in the Yundao Heavenly Book in his hand, if he just took out one of them, it is undoubtedly better than the ones here.

After that, Ye Fan pushed open the second door.

It was a huge arsenal.

Swords, guns, hammers, knives…

Various weapons are on display.

“Good stuff!”

“We don’t see weapons like this on Earth anymore.”

Ye Fan picked up a sword and waved it at will, soft as a willow, but extraordinarily tough.

It is very suitable for Tang Yun.

Ye Fan was thinking about a big hammer again.

It weighs more than a thousand gold, the material is thick and rigid, and there are strange runes on it.

“It suits the old guy Gaia.”

Ye Fan has the ancient sword of Yunyang given by the old lady, and naturally he doesn’t like the things here.

However, for Ye Fan’s subordinates, the people here are undoubtedly treasures.

Especially, the ten weapons in the center.

The preciousness is obviously far more than the others.

Absolutely a rare treasure.

“If you can go out, you can bring a few back with you.”

Ye Fan thought to himself.

And then went to the third door, the fourth…

Some are gold, some are calligraphy and painting porcelain, some are spiritual herbs…

In short, every door is filled with sky-high prices.

Ye Fan felt that relying on these things stored here, a nation, or even a country’s martial arts power, could make a comet rise!

“This is probably where the ancestors of India kept their treasures.”

“Cultivation techniques, weapons, medicinal herbs…”

“Relying on these things, even if the Foluo Palace is destroyed by me, I am afraid that the Indian martial arts will rise again.”

“That bald monk in India took great pains.”

Ye Fan sighed with emotion.

But even though he found so many treasures, Ye Fan didn’t feel any joy.

Because he still can’t get out.

Moreover, the place is full of dust, apparently no one has been here for many years.

Even Ye Fan felt that the ancestor of India probably forgot about it.


Ye Fan sighed and turned to go out.

When I was about to go to the next door, I accidentally bumped into the ancient lamp at the door.


The lamp fell, and the oil inside spilled on the ground.

The fire also went out.

When Ye Fan saw this, his expression trembled violently!

“This… this lamp…”

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