A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3871 by Novelsyou

bang bang bang…

In the small space, there was a deafening roar.

It was Ye Fan who was fighting a puppet-like thing.

Although, he has not yet seen the face of the other party.

However, the opponent seemed to have an immortal body.

How Ren Yefan attacked, but he was unable to destroy it.

Moreover, as the battle continued, Ye Fan noticed something that was even more detrimental to him.

That is, the Yuan force in his body is gradually depleting at a terrifying speed.

“****, I forgot.”

“This is not the earth, and there is no existence of heaven and earth.”

“In this case, the primordial energy in my body will not be replenished.”

Ye Fan’s face was gloomy.

Yuan Li is the foundation of power, and almost all of Ye Fan’s powerful secret techniques need to activate Yuan Li.

Once Ye Fan’s internal energy is exhausted, Ye Fan’s strength will undoubtedly be greatly reduced.

However, after a brief panic, Ye Fan quickly calmed down.

He has to change tactics.

If the opponent is not bad, then don’t fight.

If you can’t go around, then don’t go around.

The energy in the body is almost exhausted, so it doesn’t matter.

Does he have a dragon body?


In the darkness, a dragon roar sounded.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Fan’s muscles began to twitch like a python.

An explosive force erupted above Ye Fan’s **.

Just like that, in the darkness, Ye Fan suddenly rushed forward and hugged the puppet fiercely.

Ye Fan’s arm, like a chain of steel, bound the opponent’s entire body.

No matter how the other party struggled, let him exert his strength, he just couldn’t break free from Ye Fan’s shackles.

Moreover, in the end, Chu Fan suddenly exerted his strength and raised his arm upwards, actually hugging the opponent.

“Ha ha..”


Ye Fan was overjoyed, and then he rushed forward frantically holding this puppet like Zhu Bajie stealing his daughter-in-law.

This action of Ye Fan obviously confused the other party.

And that kind of fight?

But Ye Fan doesn’t care about this, he wants to leave this **** passage now.

Even if there is a mountain of swords and a sea of ​​flames waiting for him in front of him, it is better than wandering like a ghost in this endless darkness.

Of course, perhaps the one in his arms is a ghost.

But now Ye Fan can’t care so much.

bang bang bang…

Ye Fan went all the way. In the dark, Ye Fan bumped into the stone wall a lot, but it didn’t matter much, he was holding a meat shield anyway.

I have to say, Ye Fan is witty.

The opponent was lifted off the ground by him, and without the support of the earth, it would be difficult to exert force.

Occasional struggles could not break free from Ye Fan’s embrace.

Just like that, Ye Fan didn’t know how long he walked forward.

Finally, he saw a little light.

At first, Ye Fan thought it was his hallucination.

But as he moved forward, that gleam became clearer.

It’s like a fire that burns bigger and bigger.

“Is it an exit?”

Ye Fan was overjoyed, and the movements under his feet accelerated again.

Finally, he reached the end of the corridor.

Rush into this piece of light like the ocean.

The moment before entering this light, Ye Fan suddenly turned around, let go of his arm, raised his foot and kicked the puppet into the deep darkness again.

The other party did not chase in, and disappeared into the darkness again.

Perhaps, back to the original position, to guard this world.

This made Ye Fan heave a sigh of relief.

This thing can’t be smashed or broken, if it keeps entangled, Ye Fan feels that he can be consumed to death!



Getting rid of that difficult thing, and more importantly, leaving the darkness where he can’t see his fingers, Ye Fan’s mood is undoubtedly much better.

“However, what exactly is this place?”

After taking a short rest, Ye Fan looked at the surrounding scene for the first time.

Surrounded by smooth and flat bluestone, a promenade continues to stretch forward.

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