A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3865 by Novelsyou

The golden light diffuses, and the phantom rises.

When Mount Foluo appeared, the time in this world had almost stopped.

The grass and trees no longer sway, and the rocks no longer crack.

Only the phantom that looks like a “spirit” stretches across the sky.

Like Jiuyou Tianshen, looking down at the sky and the earth.

Not only near the Foluo Palace, but even millions of citizens in a city hundreds of miles away, all saw the phantom.

He straddles the sky, like the sun, moving in all directions, blooming with his majesty and grace.

For a time, tens of millions of people knelt down.

Perhaps, they do not know this person, nor do they know the identity of this phantom.

However, I don’t know why, when this phantom appeared, there was a kind of trembling and respect from the heart in the hearts of the people of India.

Involuntarily to surrender, to kneel.

Maybe this is belief?

True belief is not engraved in memory, but fused in blood, engraved in the bones.

When that person shows up, even if you never have him in your memory.

However, your blood, your soul, tell you.

He is the king!

He is the king of the whole country!

It was him who created the immortal dynasty of India.

It was also him who founded the holy land of Indian martial arts.

Yes, he is the first founder of the Foro Palace. ;

It is the ancestor who created a precedent for Indian martial arts!

Just like the people of Yan Xia, who consider themselves descendants of Yan and Huang.

And the warriors of India also regard themselves as his descendants.

He is the real *** of India!

If Ye Fan knew his identity, he would definitely be shocked.

Because this is a character who has long since disappeared in the long river of history, how could he still appear?

Even the projection of phantoms is still unimaginable.

The ghost of the soul is the projection of the power of the soul.

However, what kind of powerful soul power does a person have to be able to shine the soul power into the real world after thousands of years?

At the foot of Mount Foluo, the ministers knelt down.

King Foluo and the others, like the most devout believers, bowed down to their beliefs.


“It is the incompetence of future generations, unable to protect India.”

“As a result, the martial arts of our Indian country are in danger of being destroyed.”

“In desperation, I can only ask the ancestors to manifest themselves.”

“Please ancestors, suppress the evil spirits, protect my country’s martial arts, and inherit it for thousands of years!”

At the foot of Mount Foluo, King Foluo and others could not afford to kneel.

It looks like the monkey kneeling in front of the Great Tang Buddha in the East Earth thousands of years ago.

Extremely devout!

The phantom didn’t answer anything, but his eyes slowly turned from the surrounding world.

Finally, his eyes fell on the only man who was still standing.

When the other party looked at Ye Fan, Ye Fan was also looking at him.

It was an old Buddha, with a face of vicissitudes, like a withered world tree.

His eyes are so distant, as if they have penetrated through the ages.

Ye Fan stopped at that moment and looked at the phantom with alert eyes.

It was not the first time he had seen such a move.

When he defeated Chumen Mountain and Chu Yuan wanted to put him to death, his great-grandmother also appeared as a phantom.

Three palms came out one after another, directly repelling Chu Yuan.

Therefore, in the face of this bizarre phantom, Ye Fan had to be solemn.



“that area is…”

However, when Ye Fan was full of vigilance. He suddenly noticed that somewhere in front of the world, after this phantom appeared, it seemed to crack.

It seems like a cave hidden in the weeds, and a gap is exposed among the vegetation.

Just when Ye Fan was puzzled, the phantom spoke.

“The sea of ​​suffering is boundless, turn back to the shore. Put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha on the spot…”

Youyou’s words are like a master who has obtained the true scriptures, telling Ye Fan about Zen.

Ye Fan shook his head: “Sorry, I don’t believe in Buddhism, and I don’t want to be a monk. If I become a monk, what will happen to my wife? By the way, do you have a wife? Do you have children? Do they still recognize you? Do you need me to take care of you?”

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