A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3863 by Novelsyou

After kicking King Foluo, Ye Fan didn’t stop.

He said that if you don’t make friends, then you will step on the Foro Palace.

Now is the time to deliver on that promise.

Just like that, Ye Fan raised his footsteps, his figure flashed, and he soon arrived at the Foluo Palace.

He stepped on the stone steps and walked up slowly.

Seeing Ye Fan himself, the disciples who guarded the gate of the Foluo Palace were undoubtedly all scared to pee.

The shocking battle between Ye Fan and King Folu just now was thousands of meters apart.

But the movement between the two of them was so great that even if they were separated by a kilometer, the disciples under the Foluo Palace could still see it clearly.

Therefore, at the moment when Ye Fan came, they immediately recognized this peerless ruthless man who had blocked the killing Buddha just now.

As a result, no one dared to stop Ye Fan during the first half of his journey to the Foluo Palace. Only in the second half did some disciples of the Foluo Palace who were not afraid of death blocked Ye Fan’s way.

“Wait, I swear to live and die with the Foluo Palace!”

Some people let out such an impassioned roar.

In the face of such loyal disciples, Ye Fan naturally did what they wanted.

The majestic palm shot angrily, and before these people could even scream, they were already slapped into flesh by Ye Fan.

The dark red blood washed the ground, like a stream, flowing into the trees on both sides, becoming their most natural nourishment.

Just like that, the holy land of martial arts in a country, at the feet of Ye Fan, turned out to be like entering no one’s land.

All the disciples of the Foluo Palace faced Ye Fan as if they were facing the devil.

The kind of fear and trembling that came from his heart made him not have the slightest courage to fight against him.

Even the palace lord was defeated.

How could they be his opponents these little bastards?

Battles at the titled master level are simply not something that people of their level can involve.

Just like that, in just a few breaths, Ye Fan went all the way unimpeded, and soon reached the temple of Foluo.

The ancient and solemn hall, like an ancient beast, straddles this place, guarding the world.

Behind the main hall, there are layers of mountains hidden in the clouds.

Ye Fan stood in front of the hall with his hands behind his back.

The majestic voice, like the morning bell and the twilight drum, resounded through the world.

“Wait for the Indian ants, don’t hurry up and hand over Yao’er.”

“I’ll leave you all dead!”

“Otherwise, I, Chu Tianfan, will let you die without a place to be buried!”


The earth trembled.

Under the wrath of Ye Fan, several beams were broken on the collapsed side of the Foluo Temple.

The deafening sound, like a sonic boom, radiated in all directions with Ye Fan as the center.

However, no one responded.

The few titled powerhouses left in the Foro Palace don’t know where they went.

Ye Fan didn’t have much patience, he shouted again coldly: “Three seconds, come out and lead the death!”

“Otherwise, you wait for these thousands of disciples, and you will dye your Folu Holy Land red!”

Ye Fan’s words were clear.

Those Foluo disciples, who were already terrified, were undoubtedly even more scared after hearing this.


It seemed that Ye Fan’s threat had an effect.

I saw a miserable and miserable figure slowly emerging in the void on the mountain behind the Foluo Temple.

Behind him, there are two others.

The king of Yintian, Fentian, and the last titled master of the Foluo Palace, Bape.

These three people seem to have become the last line of defense in Indian martial arts.

“How many years, Chu Tianfan, are you still the first person to hurt this king?”

“However, don’t think that the martial arts of our country is the end of the road.”

“I am a country of India, with thousands of years of heritage, how can you be the only one who can conquer it?”

“Chu Tianfan, next, I will make you pay a painful price!”

At the top of the mountain, King Foluo looked grim, and his voice full of resentment sounded slowly.

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