A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3862 by Novelsyou

Ye Fan hit dozens of times in a row.

The power like the deep sea, under Ye Fan’s storm-like combo, poured out madly.

At this time, Ye Fan was like whipping a dead fat pig with an iron whip.

Every time the blow fell, it brought a groaning scream from King Foluo.

The bright red blood also poured out along with every blow of Ye Fan.

Noah below has been stunned.

She widened her eyes in surprise, her face turned pale, and her slender jade hands covered her red lips tightly.

It was hard for him to imagine that the dignified and majestic King of the Foluo Palace in the past was like a dead pig under Ye Fan’s hands.

Of course, with such a horrified expression, Noah was not alone.

Also, Haibu, who had just been kicked into the Ganges by Ye Fan.

Yes, Heb is not dead.

The titled master is not so easy to die!

Although Ye Fan had given him numerous critical blows just now, it only caused him serious injuries.

He is still alive.

Even gritted his teeth, he could rush up to fight with Ye Fan.

But he doesn’t now.

Instead, he hid in the Ganges water, his body sank under the water, and only one eyeball was exposed.

He stared blankly at the man in front of him who seemed to be killing all directions in the world like a demon.

His guts have been frightened.

All the ruthlessness and killing intent towards Ye Fan before had been frightened away by Ye Fan’s unparalleled might.

He didn’t dare to go out.

Even if his superiors were being beaten, even if their leaders of India were being beaten, he would not dare to rush up to help.

He is afraid!

He was really scared.

Moreover, all he can do now is hide in the water for fear of trembling.

Otherwise, what can he do?

Brother Doren was hacked to death!

I thought that after the war, Chu Tianfan would become the last resort because of the huge consumption.

But the result?

Still beaten.

Needless to say, Haibu was kicked into the Ganges River by Ye Fan before he could finish his move.

As for King Foluo, he is now a dead dog under Ye Fan’s hands.

He was hanged and beaten in midair by Ye Fanti!

Where is the fight?

This is completely rushed up and beaten!

bang bang bang…

Ye Fan’s elbows continued.

King Foro’s ribs were probably all shattered and his chest collapsed.

The blood was like a fountain, spewing out from his mouth one by one.

And, the more you vomit, the less you vomit.

Haibu almost couldn’t bear to look at it.

He estimated that the blood in his brother Fo Luo’s stomach would be spit out soon.

Haibu wanted to cry.

He regrets it very much now, and regrets why he didn’t persuade King Foluo and the others before?

How good it would be to hand over people obediently.

If he wants a woman, he will give him a woman.

If you want to burn the sky, you will seal the sky for him.

Such a peerless ruthless man, why bother with him?

Under the water of the Ganges, Haibu shed tears silently.

In the front, Ye Fan seemed to be tired.

After the last elbow fell, he threw Folo directly into the air.

Then, the whole person jumped up and kicked in the air.

Just like playing a football, he kicked King Flo on the stomach. Whoosh!

In the sound of breaking the air, the blood-covered King Foluo flew over the kilometer like a cannonball.

The direction of the flight is exactly where the Foro Palace is located.


Soon, there was a loud bang.

King Foluo, who was surrounded by tremendous force, directly smashed through the majestic palace standing on the top of the mountain.

Flying stones are scattered everywhere, and dust is everywhere.

Under the Foluo Palace, thousands of disciples fled in all directions like a startled pheasant.

However, even if he smashed through the palace, the inertia of King Foluo still did not disappear.

Undiminished, after crashing into the Foluo Palace, Foluo Shenshan!

In the end, it smashed into the belly of the mountain fiercely.

The boulders cracked and the vegetation flew wild.

The top of the mountain was directly smashed down.

The sea cloth hiding in the water has completely urinated.

too strong!

Is this still human?

Is he a ***?

It is the myth of the world!

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