A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 3861 by Novelsyou


“It hurts to death!”

“*******, Chu Tianfan, you *******!”

“This king is fighting with you!”

As the saying goes, the fingers are connected to the heart.

At the moment when King Foluo’s finger was broken by Ye Fan, the tingling feeling in his heart felt like an electric current flowing through King Foluo’s body.

The severe pain caused King Foluo to let out a shrill and painful roar.

I have to say, this King Fu Luo is also a ruthless man.

After realizing that their war with Ye Fan was irreversible, they stopped begging to be redeemed, and directly fought with Ye Fan.

Between the roars, King Foluo’s other palm clenched into a fist and smashed directly at Ye Fan’s head.

As the so-called, attack the enemy will save.

Now the two of them were so close that King Foro’s attack came in the blink of an eye.

In such a short time, it was undoubtedly too late for Chu Fan to block again.

The only option is to dodge and dodge.

As long as Ye Fan retreats, Folo will have enough time to catch his breath.

However, what King Foluo didn’t expect was that the man in front of him had no intention of avoiding it at all.

He still stood there.

Like a mountain, it will last forever!

“He… does he want to resist?”

King Foluo’s expression trembled, but there was a strange excitement in his eyes.

I just feel that this Chu Tianfan is too much.

Dare to use your brain to resist his fist?

How is this behavior different from courting death?

Although King Foluo didn’t know what Ye Fan was thinking, it was fine.

As the saying goes, arrogant soldiers will be defeated.

Sometimes, to defeat a strong man whose strength is higher than himself, it is not necessary to overwhelm him in strength, but in mentality!

Just like now, as long as Ye Fan’s huge mistake is caught, King Foluo can completely deal a fatal blow to the opponent!

“Go to ****!”

King Foluo shouted, unable to hide the excitement in his heart.

Then the giant fist in his hand slammed down directly at Ye Fan’s temple.


King Fro was overjoyed.

You know, the head is a vulnerable place at all times.

Even if it is a titled grandmaster, it is still the same!

King Foluo believed that even if he couldn’t kill Ye Fan with this blow, it would definitely cause him heavy damage.

However, King Furuo’s excitement only lasted for a moment.

Soon, he realized something was wrong.

Because, although the eyes saw that he hit Ye Fan, there was no sense of collision in his hand.


“I, Chu Tianfan, died, is that just to make you happy?”

A faint laughter came out quietly behind King Foluo.

that moment!

Like a thunderbolt.

King Foluo was completely stunned!

Almost dissipated.

Only now did King Folu realize that what he hit just now was just a phantom.

And the real Ye Fan, did not know when, had already arrived behind him.

Ye Fan was not in a hurry to shoot, but King Fu Luo, in panic, punched again.

Ye Fan stretched out his palm, but firmly grasped his heavy fist.

Then, push up.


In the harsh sound, King Foluo’s wrist was immediately broken.


“my hand!”

There was another scream, and this time the painful King Fu Luo burst into tears.

However, King Foluo still didn’t give up, the other hand was like a mad dog, and then went to smash Ye Fan.

Although the fingers of the other hand were broken by Ye Fan, the arm could still move and the wrist could still exert force.

However, no matter how King Ren Furuo struggled, it was only a battle of trapped beasts.

Before King Foluo’s attack fell, Ye Fan raised his hand into a knife and slashed hard on Ye Fan’s arm.

Ten thousand tons of power, directly smashed the arm bone of King Foluo.

In just a moment of confrontation, King Foluo’s arms were cut off.

But Ye Fan didn’t mean to stop, he turned around and pulled up King Foluo’s broken arm, lifted him in the air, and then his other hand kept elbowing against King Foluo’s open chest.

bang bang bang bang…

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