A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2019 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2019

However, even if Ye Fan kicked the two, there were still warriors who were not afraid of death and stood up.
For example, the handsome young man in front of him, the son of Li Er, Li Ziyang!
“Not satisfied.”
“I still don’t accept it!”
Li Ziyang’s eyes were red, and his complexion was stern, shouting to Ye Fan.
It’s not so much dissatisfaction, as it is not reconciled.
After all, the scene before Li Ziyang lost all his efforts.
For the past six months, why did he train so hard?
It was not that Ye Fan stepped under his feet in order to win the title of major general within ten years.
But who would have thought that, for Ye Fan, it would take ten years to be appointed as a general. Now it is enough!
Boom~ Sure enough, without the slightest accident, after Li Ziyang’s words fell, he immediately took off.
The body of hundreds of catties was directly kicked by Ye Fan.
With a bang, he actually smashed the fence a few meters away.
After that, another big man walked out and tried to challenge Ye Fan.
This time, he was not just passively beaten like Li Ziyang, but after standing up, he took the initiative to attack Ye Fan.
But the result is still the same.
He hadn’t even gotten closer to Ye Fan before he was kicked out by Ye Fan.
His chest was sunken, and Ye Fan’s ribs were kicked and broken.
In the end, the man screamed even more, and was directly carried down.
In this way, Ye Fan kicked four people.
Severe means, shaking all directions.
In a moment, the world here is silent.
The breeze on all sides, blowing sand in the sky.
Under the sky, only the young man was left, standing proudly with his hands, and sneered.
The delicate face is full of majesty.
Deep eyes, as if reflecting the stars and the sea, king over the world!
“Who else?”
When the wind suddenly started, Ye Fan’s domineering words trembled the world.
Under his majesty, everyone in front of him naturally no one dared to step forward.
Everyone was panicked and pale. All previous dissatisfaction and disdain were undoubtedly disappeared under Ye Fan’s power!
Too cruel~
One person and one foot kicked people out for tens of meters.
The ribs of the last man were all kicked off.
Where is Shuwei? What a murder!
No one doubted that Ye Fan just used a little more effort, Li Ziyang and the others, I am afraid that this will be explained here in this life.
Under such circumstances, who would dare to challenge Ye Fan?
That’s so much for death!
However, looking at the bleak look of Li Ziyang and others covered in blood, Wu Yang and Lin Qinghe also twitched their eyes.
Obviously, they didn’t expect Ye Fan to kill them!
“Chu…Mr. Chu, you.. Did you make your move a little harder?”
Wu Yang asked in a low voice with a pale face.
Ye Fan sneered.
“If this is too heavy, then there is no need for this so-called Azure Dragon team to practice.”
“Since you want Qinglong to become the most dazzling sharp knife in the Chinese military, you have to face life and death!”
“Because in the future, every enemy they face will only be more ruthless and heavier than mine.”
“You are right, but… but isn’t this a training ground? No need…” Wu Yang was still talking.
But Ye Fan directly interrupted him sharply.
“The training ground is also a battlefield.”
“This…” Ye Fan’s words made Wu Yang speechless, his face flushed, but he couldn’t say a word.
“Also, Commander Wuyang, I remember I told you that I train soldiers and don’t like outsiders gesticulating around!”
“Since the Azure Dragon team is handed over to me, no one has the right to interfere.”
“including you.”

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