A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2017 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2017

“Also, give Mr. Chu the rank of major general!”
Wu Yang’s voice was still on the training ground, echoing constantly.
However, everyone present was stunned.
This sudden appointment is just like a thunder.
The moment he heard Wu Yang’s words, Li Ziyang was already dumbfounded.
The whole person is dumbfounded!
“Chu…Mr. Chu, Qing…Qinglong instructor?”
Li Ziyang was stunned and said aloud.
Ma Mingbo was equally shocked, his old eyes staring almost the size of a copper bell.
The whole person is almost cracked. “He He…”
“Little…Major General?”
Ma Mingbo was also on the spot, muttering to himself.
Wu Yang’s words were like a slap, slapped on the faces of Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo, but it hurt in their hearts.
Neither of them had thought of killing them.
What Ye Fan said just now turned out to be true.
He really became a major general of the military region, Qinglong instructor?
The rank of major general they regarded as the goal of their lifelong struggle, just like that, got it by Ye Fan?
What a big irony!
That feeling was like Li Ziyang and they were just about to climb a high mountain, so that they could step Ye Fan under their feet.
However, when they really came to the foot of the mountain, they resolutely discovered that the young man they vowed to step on had already stood on the top of the mountain!
At this moment, almost no words can describe the bitterness and tremor in Li Ziyang’s hearts.
I just feel that life is a big joke for them!
“no no..”
“No, it’s impossible?”
“It’s not true.”
“He is Ye Fan, but a country boy and a messy son-in-law. Even if he is the lord of Jiangdong, he is not qualified to be a Qinglong instructor, let alone a major general of the military region.”
“Not satisfied!”
“I’m not convinced by Ma Mingbo~”
After a long period of tremor, Ma Mingbo was the first to stand up and openly call Ban Ye Fan. He refused to accept Ye Fan and became the Qinglong instructor.
“This is the appointment of the military region. How can you allow you to criticize and criticize?”
“Is it possible, do you want to resist orders?”
Wu Yang screamed, and his vigorous anger exploded immediately.
However, at this time, it was already too late.
As Ma Mingbo walked out, it was like a boulder falling into the sea, setting off a thousand-layer huge wave.
Immediately afterwards, the black-faced man just stepped out, unwilling to yell: “I’m Tarzan, I’m not convinced!”
“He is a nasty *******, why is he qualified to command us?”
“How can an unknown teenager be qualified to be given the rank of a young teacher and serve as a Qinglong instructor?”
“Naughty!” Wu Yang sipped again, “Taishan, you are an old man in the military region, don’t even you question the military region’s order? You are not convinced by the Chu instructor?”
“In my life, Taishan will only serve the strong!”
“A mediocre and incompetent relationship household, why should I take it?”
Tai Shan was not afraid, and replied angrily.
Yes, in his eyes, Ye Fan is a householder.
Otherwise, a hairy boy who has no history, unheard of, and even less than his son’s age, could have been appointed a major general and served as a chief instructor when he first entered the military area.
If it is not based on relationship, is it possible, but also based on ability?
A ******* in his early twenties, who has never touched a woman, how much can he do?
He is forty years old, Tai Shan has spent his entire life in the military area, and he has just become a captain!
A young man, how can He De, serve as a major general and still command them?
“Not satisfied.”
“We are also not convinced~”
“It’s just a hairy boy, why is he qualified to be our Qinglong instructor?”
“We are not convinced!”
“Resolutely dissatisfied~”
In an instant, everyone present stepped out and resisted the decision of the military district.
Everyone did not recognize the identity of Ye Fan, the chief instructor!
After all, Ye Fan is too young.
Not as big as them?
Let a junior take charge of themselves, they naturally cannot accept it.

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