A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2016 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2016

“Awesome him?”
“This ******* even dare to provoke Bo brother?”
This Li Ziyang and the others seemed to have a lot of reputation in this military area.
Nowadays, when he heard this, many people around were looking at Ye Fan, with unkind threats.
“Boy, are you new here?”
“I advise you, if you want to get mixed up in this Jiangdong Military Region in the future, I will apologize to Brother Yang and the others today.”
“Otherwise, when Brother Yang is selected for the Qinglong Special Team, you will feel better in the future.”
Everyone coldly rebuked Ye Fan.
Hearing the sound, Ye Fan just shook his head and smiled without comment.
“****, you ******* still dare to laugh?” “Oh, that’s right, you just came, don’t know what Qinglong team represents.”
“I can tell you that this Qinglong team was jointly established by the Jiangdong Military Region and the Yanjing Military Region.”
“The positioning of the Qinglong team is the top international special team!”
“Docking world-class.”
“In the future, it will become the strongest team ranked No. 1 in China.”
“Anyone who can be selected for this team is someone with a promising future.”
“Boy, now you should know the power of Qinglong Team, right?”
At this moment, it was a tall man with a black face.
He was born burly and weighed at least two hundred catties.
Standing there is like a hill, giving people a great sense of oppression.
Ye Fan still smiled faintly when he heard this.
“Well, you said a lot, but so what?”
“Don’t say that China is number one, even if the Azure Dragon team becomes the strongest team in the world in the future. Then they have to obediently salute me when they see me.”
“Respect me as a father!”
“Respect me like a ***!”
Ye Fan spoke proudly, quietly exploding here.
When Li Ziyang and others heard the sound, they all trembled.
After that, everything looked like an idiot, looking at the teenager in front of him, cursing with a dark face.
“Shall I go to Nima?”
“Shabi, are you?”
“Respect you as a father and respect you as a ***?”
“What kind of thing do you dare to say here?”
“Ye Fan, this is the military region, not Yunzhou, let alone Haiyuan Pavilion!”
“Before pretending to be coercive, set your identity first.”
Li Ziyang and others scolded angrily.
Everyone looked at Ye Fan with disdain.
A *******, his hair hasn’t grown up, right, and he dare to pretend to be the future Qinglong Special Forces here?
“It’s an idiot!”
“Pretend to be forced, believe it or not, Tarzan, slap you to death?”
The black-faced man spit out disgustedly to express his disdain for Ye Fan.
However, just as everyone present verbally criticized Ye Fan.
Behind him, Wu Yang, commander-in-chief of Jiangdong Military Region, and Lin Qinghe, deputy commander, had already walked over.
After they saw Ye Fan, they smiled politely.
“Mr. Chu, I didn’t expect you to come so early. I kept you waiting for a long time.”
Wuyang exchanged greetings for a while.
Ye Fan stood with his hand in his hand, expressionless on his face, but coldly replied, “Announce it.”
“it is good.”
Wu Yang didn’t talk nonsense, only a good word in reply.
Then, the commander of the military region walked directly to Li Ziyang and the others.
Seeing the commander-in-chief of Jiangdong Military Region, Li Ziyang and others naturally did not dare to neglect.
They were full of panic and awe, standing just right, raising their heads, standing like pine, waiting for Wu Yang’s order.
“Everyone, take orders!”
“From now on, I announce that Mr. Chu is the chief instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region and the Qinglong Team instructor!”
“Fully preside over the establishment of the Qinglong team.”

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