A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2014 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2014

“Ye Fan, but you told grandma?”
“****, no, don’t spit people.” Ye Fan explained quickly.
However, how could Yu Yun believe his pale explanation?
“Ciao, I’ll walk my dog.”
Seeing that Ye Fan couldn’t explain clearly, he quickly found an excuse and slipped away.
But, to be honest, Ye Fan’s return tonight is indeed to cultivate the dragon body with Yu Yun.
After all, this is the business!
As for going to the military district as an instructor, it’s just a matter of passing.
With yesterday’s lesson, Wu Yang and others will undoubtedly dare not neglect Ye Fan this time. On the same day, it was announced that Ye Fan was appointed the 16th chief instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, and he had full authority to preside over the formation of a special team, codenamed Qinglong!
Moreover, Feng Ye Fanwei, the rank of major general!
The dream that Ye Yuyan pursued all his life, Ye Fan had already achieved when he was 21 years old.
“Mr. Chu, you will be the youngest general in the army after today.”
“Huo Qubing used to be a twenty-one-year-old named wolf living in Xu. Today, Mr. Chu is twenty-one years old, and he is titled as a general!”
“The posterity is awesome~”
Walking on the road to the military area, Lu Tianhe and others admired Ye Fan, and did not hesitate to say nothing of their praise.
But Ye Fan didn’t take this seriously. Facing the admiration, he coldly replied: “These polite words will not need to be said in the future.”
“Now, give me the candidate list for the special team first.”
“Then, let the notification go down, let those people gather at the training ground this afternoon!”
Ye Fan is vigorous and resolute. He has limited time and is ready to start special training immediately.
Lu Tianhe had to let someone arrange it.
“By the way, Mr. Chu, I have something to do with Shaohong these days, so I have to go back to Yanjing.”
“I’ll leave it to you here.”
“By the way, Yu Yan is your cousin, right? Or, I say hello and transfer her to your side to assist you?” Lu Tianhe said thoughtfully.
“No need. Besides, she and I are no longer siblings.”
In the faint words, Ye Fan has already left.
Only Lu Tianhe and others are left, which is strange.
“Fine, let them go.”
“Shaohong, let’s go.”
Lu Tianhe couldn’t figure it out, so he didn’t think about it anymore.
After the instructors of the Qinglong team were determined, their missions had come to an end, and they drove back to Yanjing to resume their lives.
And that afternoon, on the military training ground.
Thirteen tall soldiers, full of expectations, were waiting in place.
“Brother Yang, have you heard of it?”
“The new instructor of the Qinglong team has been determined.”
“Just appointed this morning, the rank of Major General Feng!”
On the training ground, these people were whispering, discussing the upcoming new instructors.
“Major General, that’s a real general!”
“I don’t know if we can become generals in this life?”
“Hey, we are afraid there is no hope anyway.”
“But Ziyang and Mingbo should have hope.”
“The talent is good, there are still people in the army.”
“We must have relationships, backgrounds and backgrounds, and abilities and capabilities.”
“Our group of people, if there are such people who will become generals in the future.”
“Ziyang and Mingbo can definitely account for two~”
Everyone chatted and laughed.
And listening to their discussion, Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo unconsciously straightened their chests, and the fire called ambition in their hearts was even more blazing.
“Ye Fan, wait!”
“After I appoint Houbai in the army, I will break out of the world.”
“That’s me, Li Ziyang, when I stepped on your feet!”

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