A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2011 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2011

In a crash.
Everyone saw a figure, flying out like a cannonball.
With a bang, it hit the high wall directly behind him.
Hundreds of pounds of body slid to the ground along the hard concrete wall.
Puffed out.
Wei Qing trembled and vomited a mouthful of blood.
“My hand, my hand~”
Wei Qing lay on the ground, like a dog, holding his hands and groaning.
At this time, his right hand bone was broken.
Five fingers hang down like noodles. Senran’s bones were exposed, and his entire arm was stained with red blood.
A dead silence.
The whole room was silent for an instant.
Only the cold wind swept through and Wei Qing’s painful moan echoed here.
“This this…”
“This… how is this possible?”
Lin Qinghe stayed on the spot, his old eyes staring.
Those eyeballs almost jumped out!
He couldn’t believe the scene before him.
Just a punch!
The so-called boxing champion, Huya instructor, was just beaten and disabled?
“Is this… so strong?”
Wu Yang was also there, dumbfounded.
Before, he thought that the boy in front of him was just Lu Tianhe and the others.
But now it seems that the fact is that he slapped his old face severely!
As for the guard Xiao Liu who had been verbally criticizing Ye Fan just now, seeing such a scene was even more frightened.
He thought that Wei Qing was awesome.
Unexpectedly, Ye Fan was even better than him.
“Great… great?”
“Tianhe, it seems that we didn’t find the wrong person~”
When Fang Shaohong saw this, after a long tremor, he suddenly laughed.
Before that, Fang Shaohong had never seen Ye Fan’s ability.
I had been listening to Lu Tianhe before.
Seeing it today, it really deserves its reputation.
When everyone trembled, Ye Fan was still calm.
From beginning to end, he sat there, even if he punched out just now, Ye Fan was still sitting.
He didn’t even stand up.
Soon, Ye Fan closed his fists, picked up the teapot from the table, and poured himself a cup.
After playing upside down, while holding a teacup, he looked at Wei Qing at his feet with a teasing look: “Master Wei Qing, how?”
“Before I said that Muay Thai, the top 100 boxing boxer, is not worthy of even giving me shoes.”
“Now, can you accept this?”
Ye Fan’s voice was like thunder, and his low voice quietly exploded in the room, but it was deafening!
Wei Qing lay on the ground with blood in his hands.
At this moment, how embarrassed is that?
The sad look, where is the slightest arrogance before.
Shaking all over, facing Ye Fan’s yelling questions, his heart was full of panic.
After seeing Ye Fan’s majesty, Wei Qing’s courage was undoubtedly broken.
Lie on the ground and can’t help begging for mercy: “Serve, I’ll take it.”
“I’ll ask you again, I will abolish you, ruin your reputation, make you panic and beg for mercy, can you accept it?”
Ye Fan was condescending, sitting proudly.
A pair of deep eyes looked down at Wei Qing at his feet like this, just like a monarch, looking down at the ants.
The whole sound, like rolling thunder, ask again sharply.
“Fufufu. The master is supernatural and powerful, and his boxing skills are overwhelming. It is Wei Qing who has eyes and no beads, and I do not know how to live or die. I offend the real person.” Wei Qing cried and screamed, and the whole person was almost ********.
In the previous battle, the power of Ye Fan undoubtedly made Wei Qing almost lost his soul.
Until now, he couldn’t forget the moment he fisted with Ye Fan just now.
That kind of fear of life hanging by a thread made Wei Qing almost desperate!

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