A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2009 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2009

Ye Fan suddenly smiled faintly upon hearing the sound.
“It is South Asian boxing champion Holden, who is absolutely not qualified in front of me. Let me apologize.”
“What’s more, he is an incompetent man?”
Ye Fan’s contemptuous voice sounded slowly.
In the words, full of contempt.
However, as soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, Wei Qing exploded.
The whole person, like a mad dog stepped on its tail, slammed into the crime and scolded angrily: “Presumptuous!”
“You arrogant child, dare to insult my teacher?”
“You are so brave!” Finally, at this moment, Wei Qing could no longer restrain his emotions after hearing that Ye Fan had insulted Boxer Holden.
The whole person immediately violent, and the low anger echoed the whole room.
You know, Wei Qing can achieve today’s achievements, thanks to boxing champion Holden’s teachings on him.
Horton showed him not only the kindness of knowledge and experience, but also the zeal to teach his profession. He was Wei Qing’s mentor and the person Wei Qing respected most.
How can you allow Ye Fan to insult?
In furious anger, Wei Qing’s eyes were as cold as a knife, and his anger continued to ring.
“Hunboy, do you know who I am, Master Huo?”
“You ignorant rat, dare to insult him?”
“My teacher Holden, I practiced martial arts at the age of eight and boxing at the age of ten.”
“At the age of twelve, he won the gold medal in the national youth boxing competition, won the first place, and became famous in the first battle!”
“When I was fifteen, my teacher was a Muay Thai master.”
“In only three years, his teacher is not as good as him!”
“Back then, my teacher fought 16 consecutive boxing matches for seven days and six nights, without a single defeat, and swept the Thai boxing world.”
“South Asia boxing world, respect him as the king!”
“Thai martial arts, regard it as a tiger!”
“Such a martial arts master, my mentor, you are a yellow-mouthed child, and dare to insult him?”
Wei Qing’s words were surging and furious.
An arrogant voice, cold eyes.
Every time you say a word, take a step forward.
In the end, Wei Qing made a big kick, as if thunder exploded, and the bluestone ground under his feet cracked every inch.
The cobweb-like cracks stretched in all directions.
The surging power, but it shocked everyone!
Lin Qinghe’s eyes were full of horror, Wu Yang’s body was trembling, and Lu Tianhe and others were also pale.
As for the guard Xiao Liu, he was full of admiration.
I just think that Wei Qing is really an expert in the world!
Not only is his boxing superb, but he also respects his teachers and has good character.
Just now, when Ye Fan insulted him, Wei Qing was not as angry as he is now. It can be seen from this that what position does the boxing champion Holden have in his heart?
However, in the face of Wei Qing’s anger, Ye Fan was not afraid, and his delicate face was always calm as usual, even with an inexplicable smile on his mouth.
Because he found that Wei Qing is indeed an apprentice of the King of Fighters Holden.
The methods of pretending to be forced are exactly the same.
Especially those words just now are exactly the same as the words that boxing champion Holden said to him when he was pretending to be in Jianghai, Shengtian Restaurant.
Ye Fan estimated that Horton should have kept these words on his lips all the time. Over time, even his apprentices have memorized them.
“You arrogant man, what are you laughing at, do you still have a face to smile?”
Wei Qing was almost furious.
He originally thought that after he had finished speaking, he would see Ye Fan panic.
However, what he didn’t expect was that Ye Fan, a *******, didn’t know that he had a guilty conscience and apologized. He even licked his face and smiled.
Where does he smile?

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