A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2008 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2008

Moreover, Wei Qing has always been steady and polite.
As soon as Ye Fan came up, he said that he was talking nonsense from beginning to end.
Isn’t this slap someone in the face?
Not only lost etiquette, but also lost his own image!
However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to Lu Tianhe and the others.
He picked up the teacup, took a sip, and continued talking.
“With his little punch, he hit sandbags and fooled you short-sighted people!”
“As for opening the stele and cracking the stone, destroying the gold and breaking the jade, it is even more a joke.”
“It’s not good to say, this master Wei Qingwei, at best, can only be regarded as a vain and incompetent man!”
Ye Fanyu is not surprisingly dead.
A word of incompetence was even more like a thunder exploded, and Wu Yang and others’ faces completely cold. However, before Wu Yang and the others could speak, Wei Qing, who had been pretending to be a posture, finally couldn’t sit still.
He suddenly raised his head, and a cold voice suddenly sounded: “Junior, do you dare to insult me? Say I am incompetent?”
Facing Wei Qing’s threat, Ye Fan continued to smile calmly without fear or fear, “I not only insult you, I also insult Muay Thai!”
“You are a descendant of the Chinese Emperor Yan and Huang, and a Chinese citizen. You are a fan of foreigners, you have the ambition of another country, and you don’t talk about the power of your own country. You still talk nonsense, speak arrogantly, and pretend that Muay Thai is the top of the hundred boxing.
“My Chinese civilization is five thousand years, and the inheritance of martial arts is even longer. It is recognized as a holy land of martial arts in the world.”
“Warriors from all over the world respect Chinese martial arts!”
“Thousands of years ago, when the Chinese martial arts was prosperous, Muay Thai was not yet born?”
“Compared with my Chinese martial arts, the so-called Muay Thai, no matter the historical background or the power of boxing, is totally different, and it is not even worthy of shoes!”
The sound is like muffled thunder, reverberating in the room.
Ye Fan’s words are like swords and every sentence like a sword.
Every word, every sentence, was like a slap in Wei Qing’s face.
Especially the last sentence is even more shocking!
It is useless to directly practice Wei Qing’s lifelong boxing technique.
At the end of hearing, it was Lu Tianhe and the others, all frightened.
“Mr. Chu, what are you playing for?”
“Speak carefully~”
Fang Shaohong and Lu Tianhe were almost urinating.
Ye Fan’s words are no longer a slap in the face, he just kicked Wei Qing’s face with his feet!
No face at all for the other party.
However, this is no wonder Ye Fan.
He has studied Yundao Tianshu since he was a child, especially Yundao Tianjue on which Ye Fan has become famous. It is also a result of the ancestors of the Chu family who studied hundreds of boxing techniques and thousands of martial arts in Chinese history!
It can be said that it was the Chinese martial arts that made the Chu Family and Ye Fan today.
Nowadays, some people openly belittle the Chinese martial arts, and still blatantly, respect other country’s boxing method as the top of the hundred boxing?
This undoubtedly touched the sensitive area in Ye Fan’s heart!
Today, if he does not rectify the name of Huaxia Wuxue, he will be sorry for his skill.
“You arrogant junior, so brave?”
“Master Wei Qing is a Muay Thai master, Megatron South Asia, a master.”
“How can you insult this junior?”
“Don’t apologize to Master Wei Qing quickly!”
These words of Ye Fan undoubtedly scared Lin Qinghe and others.
Almost instantly, Lin Qinghe stood up suddenly, yelling at Ye Fan with a face, and let Ye Fan bow his head to apologize to Wei Qing!

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