A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2007 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2007

“Master Wei Qing, please forgive me.”
“It’s because we don’t know someone and ran into you.”
“Don’t be angry, we will expel this unknown boy from the military area.”
“I promise Wuyang that there will never be a second time for similar things.”
Wu Yang thought that Wei Qing was angry, and was immediately full of apologetics, and laughed and soothed.
However, to Wu Yang’s surprise, Wei Qing didn’t seem to want to drive Ye Fan away. Instead, he waved his hand and said solemnly, “Don’t worry.”
“Let him say!”
“It’s just right, I want to hear, what is the opinion of Mr. Chu, who made the two generals so highly respected?”
“It’s just a melon baby, can you have a fart opinion?”
“Master Wei Qing, we don’t need to waste time on this class of people, I will let people drive him away.” Lin Qinghe snorted coldly, and ordered people to drive Ye Fan out again.
“Hey? You can’t say that.” “The martial arts world respects the strong.”
“If it’s just because of this Mr. Chu’s words, I will drive him away. Let others know, and don’t say I, Wei, is narrow-minded and can’t tolerate people?”
Wei Qing said again.
A few words were praised by everyone, and Wu Yang was undoubtedly more satisfied with Wei Qing in his heart.
What is a master?
This is the master!
Broad-minded, with a tolerant heart.
This master style alone is beyond Ye Fan’s incompetent juniors!
On the other hand, Ye Fan, a nasty *******, besides arrogance, what else?
I don’t know the etiquette and rules.
“That’s it, still want to be an instructor?”
“I’m afraid it’s not a misunderstanding!”
The guard Xiao Liu on the side hummed coldly in his heart.
Comparing the two, Ye Fan’s impression in the hearts of everyone is undoubtedly even more unbearable.
“it is good.”
“Since Master Wei Qing has said so, let him give him a chance for the time being.”
“Young man, talk about it.”
“You just said that Master Wei Qing is talking nonsense, then say carefully, Master Wei Qing, where is the nonsense? Where is the nonsense?”
Wu Yang and the others sat back on their seats again, sipping tea, and asked Ye Fan lightly.
The eyes were full of teasing and playfulness.
After all, in Wu Yang’s eyes, Ye Fan’s rhetoric just now was nothing more than a trick that wanted to attract attention.
They don’t think Ye Fan can really say anything.
“it is good.”
“Since you want to know, then I am as you wish!” Ye Fan replied in a deep voice.
“****, this ******* dare to say anything?”
“He’s not afraid to insult himself?!”
Hearing this, the guard Xiao Liu was immediately surprised.
Wu Yang and others were also surprised.
Lin Qinghe sneered in his heart: “What do you insult yourself, see you for a while, how will it end?”
Lin Qinghe didn’t think that Ye Fan could really say useful words.
Even if there is, I am afraid it is nonsense.
Ignoring everyone’s questioning eyes, Ye Fan chuckled and continued: “Ask me, where is he nonsense and where is he lying?”
“Actually, what I want to say is that he was talking nonsense from beginning to end!”
Ye Fan said surprisingly.
As soon as he opened his mouth, Wu Yang and the others trembled, and the atmosphere in the room suddenly stagnated.
“Mr. Chu, speak carefully~”
The corners of Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong’s eyes also jumped.
Obviously, the two of them didn’t expect that Ye Fan would say so arrogantly?
Even if the two of them couldn’t understand Lin Qinghe, they naturally didn’t have much affection for Wei Qing who Lin Qinghe invited.
However, the other party is a guest after all!

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