A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2004 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2004

“Because Muay Thai!”
“I practiced martial arts since I was a child, and I have seen hundreds of schools of martial arts.”
“In the end, I think Muay Thai is the number one boxing.”
“His boxing is strong and domineering, and it is the strongest killing and cutting boxing in the world.”
“So, I went to Thailand to practice Muay Thai.”
“Finally, I went to Muay Thai Fighting as I wished, and became the champion of Muay Thai as my teacher!”
Wei Qing said proudly, there was an inexplicable boldness and dominance in his words.
Wu Yang listened, but sighed.
“Sure enough, if you want to be a strong, you must first have a strong heart.”
“Master Wei Qing’s persistent pursuit of martial arts fist has made me stand in awe.”
“It’s just that I’m a certain person who has a shallow knowledge. Although I have heard of Muay Thai tyranny, I have never seen it with my own eyes.”
“I’m really curious, Muay Thai is really powerful, can it surpass my Huaxia Baijia boxing?”
Wu Yang said this vaguely, but when Lin Qinghe heard it, he secretly said that Wu Yang was scheming.
Obviously, what he meant by what he said was to see Wei Qing’s strength with his own eyes to test the authenticity of his words.
Lin Qinghe could hear the implied meaning in these words, and Wei Qing could naturally also.
Therefore, he did not speak.
Just put down the wine glass and got up suddenly.
Then he looked around and finally walked towards a corner of the room.
I saw there, hanging a sandbag weighing hundreds of kilograms.
It seemed that Wei Qing wanted to use this sandbag to prove his boxing skills.
Wu Yang was also very cooperative, and hurriedly told the people under his hands: “Quickly, bring my gloves to Master Wei Qing!”
This sandbag is filled with fine sand, which is extremely thick. Wuyang exercises on weekdays, you have to wear gloves.
Otherwise, with this punch, let alone shaking the sandbag, your hand bones must be broken.
Therefore, before punching, you must wear gloves to protect your fingers.
However, who would have thought that facing Wu Yang’s kindness, Wei Qing waved his hand: “No need!”
“One of my punches can destroy gold and jade.”
“Not to mention this mere sandbag?”
“Wearing gloves is an insult to me and an insult to Muay Thai!”
Wei Qing’s words, vigorous and deep, echoed everywhere.
Under his words, Wu Yang was almost infected, and he shouted domineering several times.
Not to mention the strength of Wei Qing, just this spirit is enough to be a major general!
Afterwards, under the gaze of Wu Yang and others, Wei Qing held his breath and pressed his waist.
Then, the waist exerted force.
The whole person, like a powerful bow, with thousands of mighty powers, gathered on the fists, burst out in an instant!
There was a bang, and the room trembled.
Then, in the surprised gaze of Wu Yang and the others, they saw that the heavy sandbag of hundreds of kilograms was actually blown by Wei Qing’s punch.
Yes, it exploded directly!
The microfiber leather jacket on the outside was pierced by Wei Qingsheng, and the fine sand inside was like a bomb, exploding directly.
The world here is like a sand rain.
“This this…”
“Qinghe, you have done a great job to our military region this time, and you have found a rare man!”
Seeing this scene, Wu Yang’s heart trembled, and there was a tremor in his old eyes, and even more ecstasy.
You know, even if the strongest fighter in their military district wears gloves and punches with all his strength, he can make the sandbag sway three times.
But Wei Qing was so powerful that he blasted hundreds of kilograms of sandbags with one punch?
What kind of explosive power is this?
Wu Yang felt that he was afraid of being a cow, and facing this Wei Qing punch, he would have to be beaten to death!
He has decided, it is him.
The chief instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, the trainer of the special team, is him, Muay Thai master, Wei Qing!

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