A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 2003 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2003

After speaking, Wu Yang ignored Lu Tianhe and others.
Instead, he opened the bottle of Moutai and filled it with the man named Wei Qing himself.
“Master Wei Qing, you live far away in Thailand, but you should know that our national liquor Moutai, right?”
“Come, let you taste it today.”
Wuyang laughed and warmly entertained the guests around him. I completely forgot to entertain Ye Fan with this wine just now.
Although Wei Qing is a Chinese native, he has been practicing Muay Thai in Thailand for many years, so he lives abroad all year round.
The reason why Lin Qinghe came back this time was specially invited from Thailand.
Wei Qing and Lin Qinghe have a lot of friendship.
If today can push Wei Qing into the position of chief instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, then Lin Qinghe’s power in the Jiangdong Military Region will undoubtedly increase by several points.
In the future, Wu Yang went down, relying on the support of his confidants, maybe the next commander-in-chief would be Lin Qinghe.
Therefore, in order to allow Wei Qing to sit in this position securely, Lin Qinghe naturally devalued Ye Fan and the others in every possible way. Remember to read in one second http://m.kahnshu8.net
When Wuyang and Lin Qinghe talked with Wei Qing very happily, Ye Fan’s side looked particularly desolate and deserted.
“Mr. Chu, don’t be angry.”
“The military commander does not understand you, and it is normal to misunderstand you.”
“I and Shaohong will work hard on the work in the military area.”
“You must not be unhappy about this.”
“Don’t worry, the position of the instructor of this military area is definitely yours.”
Lu Tianhe whispered to Ye Fan.
What Wu Yang and others did today obviously neglected Ye Fan.
Lu Tianhe was afraid that Ye Fan would leave angrily when he was angry, so he quickly calmed down.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, but just sat there blankly, drinking tea quietly.
At this time, Wu Yang and others were still chatting with Wei Qing.
“I heard that Master Wei Qing once had experience teaching mercenaries in Thailand, but is it true?”
Wei Qing took a sip of wine and proudly replied, “Thailand Tiger Tooth Corps, have you ever heard of it?”
Wu Yang was stunned: “Huya? You mean, the Thai special team, the number one Huya Corps?”
Wei Qing nodded: “Their first instructor is me, Wei Qing!”
When Wu Yang heard this, he trembled immediately, spilling half a glass of wine in his hand.
“Huya Corps, you trained it?”
“But how is that possible?”
“The Huya Corps is not affiliated with the Thai military? It seems to have been playing for the Thai military these years.”
“Could it be that it is a mercenary?”
Wu Yang said in surprise.
Wei Qing sneered: “Huya Corps has always been a free mercenary!”
“In the past few years, it seemed that I was serving in the Thai military, but it was actually just an employment relationship.”
“They pay, we contribute.”
“That’s it.”
“That’s it, that’s how it is. Haha, I didn’t expect Master Wei Qing to be such an expert.” Hearing this, Wu Yang burst into laughter.
Picking up the wine glass, Wei Qing immediately offered a glass, but continued to ask.
“However, I would take the liberty to ask, Master Wei Qing is from China, why did he go to Thailand to develop?”
Wu Yang asked curiously.
This question seems to be asked casually, but in fact, it is of great importance.
After all, the Chinese military’s political trial is very strict, and if foreign spies come in, the consequences will be disastrous.
Therefore, for people like Wei Qing who live overseas all the year round, Wu Yang is naturally cautious about holding such important positions.
First of all, he had to figure out why Wei Qing went abroad.

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