A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1999 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1999

Every sentence of Ye Fan’s indifferent words was like a sword, thrusting straight into Ye Yuyan’s heart.
Ye Yuyan’s pretty face was pale, and she looked at Ye Fan with beautiful eyes, trying to explain: “Cousin Xiao Fan, my father and them are confused for a while. When I go back this time, I will persuade them to apologize to you personally, please… ”
“No need.” Ye Yuyan was interrupted by Ye Fan as soon as she was halfway speaking, “It’s hard to make a breakthrough.”
“Since you have reached this point, why bother to save it.”
“The past is the past, and no matter how you can restore it, it is impossible to return to the original point.”
“Cousin…” Ye Yuyan was still trying to say something, but Ye Fan had already turned around.
“Well, if you come here today and just want to tell me about this, then please go back.”
“I came to the military region this time because I have important things to do. I don’t want to waste time on trivial things.”
Ye Fan’s words were calm, but the low-pitched words gave Ye Yuyan a sense of distance that was a thousand miles away.
I don’t know why, at this moment, Ye Yuyan had the urge to cry.
It seems that something cracked in his heart, and sorrowful water flowed out.
Her cousin Ye Fan did not forgive her after all.
Yes, as Ye Fan said, the past is past.
Some people, some things, once they are missed, they cannot be undone.
Just like today, her brother and sister friendship with Ye Fan.
However, when she was young, she had a little sister’s respect for her elder brother, instead of always being aloof, dismissing Ye Fan, and even deliberately neglecting others.
It is estimated that today Ye Fan has a different attitude towards her.
Rather than being so indifferent as it is now, without the kindness and enthusiasm of half brothers and sisters, being indifferent like two strangers.
She really regrets it.
“Mr. Chu, the commander has requested, please come with me.”
At this time, a low voice came from outside the door.
I saw Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong, with smiles all over their faces, inviting Ye Fan to the headquarters for a gathering.
Ye Fan nodded, then followed them out of the room.
Here, only Ye Yuyan was left, standing there alone.
Let her be outstanding, let her look pretty.
Unfortunately, no one watched it.
“Yuyan, why are you here?”
“Oh, I must be here to congratulate your cousin.”
“I’ll tell you that your cousin’s title is definitely stable.”
“I can’t guarantee the lieutenant general, but at least, it is the rank of major general.”
“Twenty-year-old major general~”
“Tsk tut~”
“This is the youngest general since the founding of China.”
“In the future, your cousin will have unlimited prospects. In the future, maybe you can become the commander-in-chief of the armed forces?”
“Yu Yan, if you have a cousin like this, you can be content.”
“In the future, if you are covered by your cousin, you will surely step forward in the army, and you will be bright.”
At this time, Fang Shaohong seemed to have forgotten something and ran back again.
As soon as he returned to the guest house, he noticed Ye Yuyan, who was wearing gorgeous clothes.
Immediately laughing, like Ye Yuyan conveyed good news.
After speaking, Fang Shaohong hurried to pursue Ye Fan and the others.
And Ye Yuyan in the room was undoubtedly more lost.
It was only at this moment that Ye Yuyan realized what he had missed back then?
She was full of regret and loss, looking at the back of Ye Fan and the others, Ye Yuyan’s beautiful eyes turned red.

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