A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1997 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1997

“Okay, Commander, I will tell him now.”
In the end, under Lu Tianhe’s efforts, he nodded and agreed to Ye Fan’s privilege.
After everything was settled, Ye Fan immediately drove to the military area station.
Because of the tight time and arduous tasks, after finding a suitable instructor candidate, they naturally dare not delay.
Jiangdong Military Region is located on a wasteland in the northeast of Fenghai City, about three hours’ drive.
As the heavy iron door opened, an army green off-road vehicle pulled Ye Fan into the military area.
“Mr. Chu, please wait at the guest house first.”
“I will report to the commander.”
“I believe the commander will meet you soon.”
“During this time, you can just stroll around in the military area and get familiar with the environment in advance.”
After Lu Tianhe took Ye Fan into the guest house inside the military area, he said with a smile.
Ye Fan nodded: “Don’t worry, you guys should be busy first.”
“Okay, Mr. Chu, we won’t bother.”
“Haha, that’s not right, after a while, we should call General Chu.”
Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong laughed and left.
And Ye Fan, after a short rest, walked out of the guest house and strolled around in the military area.
There are living areas all around, so the atmosphere is relaxed.
I don’t see any intense training. Those who come and go are all soldiers talking and laughing.
Some have just returned from a bath with a bathtub.
Some were drying their clothes, and a few people were rushing out holding basketballs.
“Ziyang, Mingbo, go and play basketball.”
At this time, two handsome men with long stature wearing military uniforms were also walking outside.
Seeing them, people around immediately greeted them, calling them to play basketball.
However, Li Ziyang shook his head.
“A Fei, you go, we won’t go. Today’s training mission has not been completed, we have to continue.”
“I’m going, Brother Yang, as for that?”
“Every day you arrange your free time to the full, and you are not afraid of exhausting yourself.”
“Haha, all right, don’t delay people’s progress.”
“Brother Yang, they were promoted to platoon leader after six months of enlisting in the army.”
“Furthermore, in this special forces selection, Brother Yang and Brother Bo are among the candidates.”
“The great future is right in front of us, can people not work hard to fight for it?”
Ignoring everyone’s discussion, Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo had already ran away.
According to the plan, they will also carry out a 3,000-meter load-bearing run.
“Brother Yang, let’s not rest for an afternoon.”
“Always being so tight, we are afraid that we will be exhausted.” Ma Mingbo seemed to be a little tired, looked at Li Ziyang and said bitterly.
“No, Mingbo, have you forgotten why we chose to join the army in the first place?”
“When you want to give up, think about our goal, think about the humiliation we suffered when the Haitian Feast was originally.”
“If we want to surpass him, this is our only way.”
“Even if he is a master of Jiangdong’s business community, but in the future, you and I will be named generals, how about he is the respected Jiangdong, how about the powerful lord?”
“When the time comes, the ******* has seen the two of us, and he still has to shout respectfully to the general!”
Li Ziyang clenched his palm.
He will never forget the humiliation that the man named Ye Fan gave him on New Year’s Day and the sea and sky feast.
But he didn’t dare to refute, so he had to be at his feet and forced by his father to apologize like a dog.
He is a proud person. For so many years, he has always been the existence that his peers look up to.

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