A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1995 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1995

However, the old lady persuaded him.
“Xiao Fan, just go, and you should pay back a favor.”
“People have guarded the Chu family for fifty years, and they can be considered affectionate and righteous to the Chu family. I’m so busy, I always have to help.”
The old lady persuaded me with all his heart.
For so many years, the old lady has been alone in the old house of the Chu family, and has always been in peace.
In addition to the prestige and power of the Chu family, it is of course also related to the asylum of China.
One hundred thousand soldiers, guarding Fenghai City for fifty years.
Even if the other party is to repay the favor.
But this sincerity and perseverance was enough to make the old lady very moved.
Now for so many years, for the first time someone has come to ask, how can the old lady refuse it.
In the end, looking at the face of the old lady, Ye Fan nodded and agreed.
However, the old lady here is happy, but Yuyun over there is not happy.
When practicing sword in the backyard, Yu Yun asked Ye Fan.
“You went to the military area, what about the cultivation that night?”
“Dragon body, don’t you train?” Yu Yun asked coldly.
When Ye Fan heard this, he suddenly smiled and said, “Why, Miss Yu Yun can’t sleep without my company at night?”
“I will tell you business.”
“If you talk nonsense again, I must have killed you!”
Yu Yun gritted his teeth with anger.
This guy molested her all day.
Fortunately, there is no one here.
Otherwise, if people who know her know everything about her and Ye Fan, her image of Yu Yun might completely collapse.
“Don’t worry, it must be more important on your side.”
“It won’t delay our business.”
Ye Fan had already planned it.
Even though the military area is busy, Ye Fan must still focus on cultivation.
After all, the mastery of Yinlong’s body is related to his own strength, so naturally he won’t be delayed.
As for the after-rhyme, naturally I don’t want to interrupt.
After all, she had finally made up her mind to repair the dragon body with Ye Fan.
If it’s just like that, wouldn’t it be a waste of emotions?
What’s more, Yu Yun also needs a protective martial arts like Yanglong body to improve her defense.
The cultivation of the Dragon *** Body is a win-win thing.
Early the next morning, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong went to the old house of Chu family again.
The moment they saw Ye Fan, these two people were undoubtedly shocked.
A pair of old eyes are staring huge!
“Chu…Mr. Chu?”
“I’m going, why are you here?”
“This world is too small. I didn’t expect that I could meet you here.”
It was undoubtedly surprised and delighted to see Ye Fan, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong recommended by the old lady.
“Is it you?”
“Aren’t you in Yanjing? Why did you run Jiangdong here?”
Ye Fan was equally surprised.
At the beginning, Lu Tianhe and the others invited Ye Fan to be the chief instructor of the Yanjing Military Region, but he has already refused once.
But he didn’t expect that good luck tricks people, he still followed their way after all.
“Order from the superior. The old lady should have told you.”
“The above transferred us to the Jiangdong Military Region, where we secretly train a special warrior team.”
“You also know that in places like Yanjing, too many eyes are staring, there is no secret.”
“Although Jiangdong is a small place, it is more suitable for this task.”
Lu Tianhe laughed haha.
He was undoubtedly extremely surprised to be able to invite Ye Fan this great ***.
As early as years ago, Lu Tianhe invited Ye Fan to be the chief instructor, but the purpose was actually for this incident.

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