A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1989 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1989

“Calm down, chest straight.”
“Motivate the dragon body.”
In the ear, there was a cold after-rhyme voice.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, but he was trying his best to cooperate.
Soon, in the dark room, a touch of golden light lit up from Ye Fan.
Immediately afterwards, countless fine dragon patterns emerged from Ye Fan.
A majestic masculinity, like a surging river, swept out of Ye Fan’s body.
At about the same time, a dragon pattern appeared on the seductive ketone body closely attached to Ye Fan.
But unlike Ye Fan’s golden light, a blue light emerged from Yu Yun’s naked body.
Between the icy blue light flowing, a lingering and long gentle force, like this, flows out from Yu Yun Jiao’s body.
On one side, golden light swept through, and on the other, blue light lingered.
Two completely different rays of light, two diametrically opposed forces, just like this, where they touched their bodies, they continued to blend and converge. Intertwined, circulating.
Just like, in harmony!
Until, slowly absorbed by the opponent’s body.
At the moment when the two forces merged, Ye Fan and Yu Yun almost coincided with each other, and their bodies trembled slightly.
Really, it’s a very strange feeling.
Just like the lingering one between lovers, everything about the other party has melted into his body.
Yin and Yang are in harmony, in harmony with each other, maybe it is to describe this moment?
As the two entered the cultivation state, the whole room fell into an endless silence for a moment.
Outside the window, the moonlight is like water.
This world is also extremely quiet, as if one can hear the sound of time passing by at the fingertips.
It changed quickly overnight.
Before dawn, Yu Yun forcibly suspended her cultivation.
After all, although this method of dual cultivation is very conservative, it is hard to tell if there are lone men and widows in the same room and skin touch.
Therefore, Yu Yun didn’t want it to be discovered by the old lady. Naturally, he had to drive Ye Fan away before dawn.
However, before leaving, Yu Yun once again solemnly warned Ye Fan: “I don’t want a third person to know about you and me.”
“Otherwise, I will never let you go!”
Yu Yun’s words were cold, with a deep chill.
Ye Fan smiled back: “Well, don’t worry, I won’t talk nonsense.”
“But…” Ye Fan turned around and paused.
“But what?” Yu Yun looked at Ye Fan, wondering.
Ye Fan chuckled: “You have a very good figure?”
After speaking, Ye Fan turned his head and Sa Yazi ran away.
Behind him, Yu Yun’s almost murderous roar came.
Because it takes time to stabilize and digest the power drawn from the opponent’s body, Ye Fan and Yu Yun’s double repairs are scheduled for once every two days.
That is, it will be done every other night.
After all, the Dragon *** Body is such a powerful martial arts, it is definitely not a matter of overnight.
Like Ye Fan’s Yanglong body, he has only mastered it skillfully after several years of cultivation, and he can retract and unwind freely.
It took nearly ten years to cultivate to great success.
Therefore, it is conceivable that if Ye Fan wants to completely control the Yinlong body, it will take a long time.
Of course, with the foundation of the yang dragon body and the aftertaste to help, compared with the yang dragon body, the control of the yin dragon body is bound to be much faster.
However, even so, Ye Fan estimates that there is no time for a month or two, and it is difficult to control it completely!

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