A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1987 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1987

Ye Fan subconsciously responded.
However, immediately afterwards, Ye Fan seemed to feel that something was wrong, and immediately stared.
“****, do you still say you have no intentions against me?”
“I have said, I am not a casual person.”
“I know, I am a little more handsome, but you can’t…”
Ye Fan didn’t expect that the Yu Yun girl in front of her was so talented and unrestrained in her heart.
They have only known each other for a few days, Ye Fan regards her as a friend, but she wants to **** him?
“No way, no way.”
“Miss Yu Yun, please respect yourself.”
Ye Fan shook his head repeatedly, turned around and left.
And the Yu Yun on the side was going to be mad by the ******* Ye Fan.
“Does your mind have nothing else but these shameless and dirty thoughts?”
“Who told you that I am coveting your body by letting you undress?”
“Otherwise? Are you coveting my clothes”
Yu Yun was really going to be mad, and her nose was almost crooked by Ye Fan.
This ******* is not only shameless, but also has sharp teeth.
Am I sick, will covet your clothes?
“Okay, it seems that you don’t want to cultivate Yinlong Body.”
“If that’s the case, get out of here!”
Yu Yun gritted his teeth. At this time, he was tortured by Ye Fan, and his whole body was trembling.
When Ye Fan heard this, he quickly changed his face and said, “Miss Yu Yun, don’t, I just made a joke to enliven the atmosphere.”
“But I can’t blame me for thinking too much.”
“Before **********, you have to at least make it clear to me, right?”
Ye Fan explained quickly with a smile on his face.
In fact, from the moment Yu Yun asked him to cover his eyes, Ye Fan had already guessed a little suspiciously.
This practice tonight is absolutely extraordinary.
In fact, it seems so.
Otherwise, Yu Yun wouldn’t let him undress as soon as he came up.
Seeing Ye Fan’s softness, Yu Yun’s anger only faded a bit, and then coldly said: “You should know that the dragon body is divided into yin and yang.”
“Yangjuan, suitable for men to practice.”
“Yinjuan, suitable for women to practice.”
“That’s why, even if you get the shadow scroll of the dragon *** body, you can’t cultivate.”
Yu Yun’s cold voice slowly sounded in the room.
When Ye Fan heard this, he was just amazed.
No wonder, no matter how he cultivated the Yinlong Divine Body before, he couldn’t get started.
Before, he thought that he was in the wrong direction, but now it seems that it is not his own cause at all, but the Yin dragon body, which is not suitable for his cultivation.
“So, the Yin Dragon Body and the Dragon *** Body can’t be mastered at the same time?” Ye Fan asked puzzledly.
Yu Yun shook her head: “Normally, it really can’t be mastered at the same time.”
“But there is a way.”
“What method?” Ye Fan asked anxiously.
“Double repair.” Yu Yun said calmly.
Ye Fan’s eyes twitched: “Double…double repair?”
Yu Yun nodded: “This dragon body is originally the technique of yin and yang double cultivation.”
“The yang dragon body is mastered by men, and the yin dragon body is practiced by women.”
“Then, through the double cultivation method and the harmony of yin and yang, you can thoroughly practice the yin and yang divine body.”
After a short tremor, Ye Fan still had some worries, and asked again: “Then, please, how is this dual cultivation method?”
“Do you really want that?”

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