A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1985 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1985

It is evening.
The afterglow of the setting sun dyes the mountains and forests.
In the old house, the smoke was curling up.
The intoxicating fragrance of rice, with the spring breeze in May, blows across the earth.
After Yu Yun smelled the scent of rice, she no longer had the intention to practice sword, and then returned.
She wanted to see what was delicious this time grandma made.
For the rest of her life, Yu Yun has tasted countless delicacies.
However, she found that the best food was the home-cooked dishes made by grandma in this old house of Chu family.
“Grandma, is the rice ready?”
Returning to the front yard, Yu Yun saw that the old lady was not in the kitchen, but was playing flowers and plants in the yard, and asked impatiently.
Yes, these days, Yu Yun still believes that those meals were made by the old lady.
However, the old lady smiled slowly: “I didn’t do a good job. It’s useless to ask me this old lady. You should go in and ask the chef.”
“The chef?”
Hearing the lingering rhyme, he was taken aback.
Then, his expression trembled.
“Grandma, you mean, Ye Fan did all the food?”
These days, Ye Fan came back earlier than her every time.
At first, Yu Yun thought it was Ye Fan being lazy.
But now it seems that is not the case.
“if not?”
“Grandma, I don’t have such a good cooking skill.”
“That *******, I won’t let him do it, he must do it.”
“Although he didn’t say the reason, I guess he was because of you.”
“Knowing that you like eating his food, that’s why he is so proactive.”
The old lady said something nice to Ye Fan, then the conversation turned around and continued.
“Yun’er, the grievances of your younger generations, logically speaking, I shouldn’t interfere.”
“Before Xiao Fan, he did a little too much.”
“But, you see these days, he has been silently making up, hasn’t he?”
“The enemy should be settled but not settled.”
“Think about it for yourself.”
The old lady said slowly.
Yu Yun was stunned.
She didn’t expect Ye Fan to do so much for her silently.
Knowing the aftermath of all this, deep in my heart, I suddenly trembled slightly.
She stayed there for a long time, as if she was struggling with something.
But looking at the thin figure who was still busy in the kitchen, Yu Yun gritted her teeth as if she had made some major decision, and then walked towards the kitchen.
Seeing this scene, the face of the old lady suddenly showed a successful smile.
“Xiaofan, Xiaofan, there is only this grandma can help you.”
“The rest is up to you.”
Actually, to be honest, this old lady of the Chu family is cunning?
The reason why Ye Fan took the initiative to take care of the housework of cooking was because of his filial piety, he shared some housework with the old lady.
Where is forgiveness, let alone to please Yu Yun.
The old lady said that just now, nothing more than to give Ye Fanla a good impression.
But now it seems that it really worked.
“What are you doing here?”
“The meal is not ready yet, you go to the room and wait.”
“Okay, I will naturally take it over.”
Seeing Yu Yun coming in, Ye Fan thought that this foodie was so hungry that he came to look for food, and immediately drove her out out of anger.
Yu Yun looked at Ye Fan, hesitated for a long time, and then said coldly: “After eating, take a shower first. Then come to my room at ten tonight.”
“Remember, move lightly and don’t let anyone see it.”
“If Grandma finds out, I will never forgive you!”
The cold words sounded quietly, full of threats.

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