A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1984 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1984

What kind of ******* metaphor is this?
She is the lord of the dignified wealthy family, and she stands tall on the top of power and power.
How could she be wronged?
How could it be like a little wife.
This shameless guy must be talking nonsense.
After being said by Ye Fan, this woman naturally didn’t dare to play tricks anymore.
Forcibly resisting Ye Fan’s ambition, he continued to practice his sword.
However, perhaps she didn’t even feel it herself, just between this kind of bickering, the relationship between the two was also quickly approaching.
All the resentment and hatred in her heart towards Ye Fan was gradually smoothed by time.
Sometimes, the woman was thirsty, and when she returned to the room to get water to drink, she would also bring a bottle for Ye Fan.
“This stinky boy, who has the ability to pick up girls and pick up girls, is with his dad.” The
Not far away, the old lady watched quietly, with a smile of relief on the vicissitudes of life.
Before, the old lady felt that Ye Fan would not be able to learn this Yinlong divine body.
But now it seems that there is still a drama.
“However, it’s a pity, Xiao Fan, the child, got married so early and started a family.”
“Otherwise, my old lady will have to take Yun’er this child under my Chu family as my granddaughter in the Chu family.”
The old lady thought secretly, but then she shook her head and said solemnly.
“No, no, is there a seniority in it?”
“If the two of them really become, that generation will be messed up.”
“It seems that they are destined to miss.”
The old lady is full of regret.
The two of them are family friends. Although they have been married before, they are all in the same generation.
Otherwise, this generation will be in a mess, and many relationships will be unclear.
Soon, the day is waning.
The afterglow of the setting sun dyed the entire sky red.
At this time, Ye Fan should also go back to cook.
Ever since Ye Fan became the chef, the old lady simply became lazy and asked Ye Fan to cook every time.
In the backyard, the woman continued to practice the Yunyan Sword Art according to the method Ye Fan taught her.
“Hey~, wrong.”
“The speed of this third sword must be fast, it is a surprise.”
“You continue to practice, I will go back first.”
“By the way, I said this lady, I have been a teacher for so long, don’t you plan to tell me your name?”
On a whim, Ye Fan asked the other party’s name in a hurry.
After learning swords for so many days, Ye Fan discovered that he didn’t even know the other party’s name.
“Don’t talk about pulling it down.”
Seeing that the woman ignored him, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, then turned and left.
Anyway, he hadn’t expected from the beginning, she would tell her fame.
Ye Fan has self-knowledge, it is estimated that in her eyes, he is a rogue image.
No woman is willing to tell her name to a rascal.
Ye Fan just said it casually, and didn’t expect her to answer.
However, what Ye Fan didn’t expect was that after he didn’t take a few steps, a woman’s cold voice came from his ear.
The clear and beautiful words are like a stream flowing through the mountains, crisp and sweet.
Ye Fan looked back and smiled: “Yu Yun?”
“Well, the name is as it should be, a very good name.”
“My name is Ye Fan.”
Ye Fan chuckled and left soon.
Here, Yu Yun is the only one left, practicing swords alone.
However, after Ye Fan left, an inexplicable smile appeared on Yu Yun’s immortal face.
Like a snowy mountain, a touch of touching snow lotus blooms.
“This guy, it turns out he would still boast.”

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