A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1982 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1982

“Is it?”
The woman’s beautiful eyes trembled slightly, and then Lianbu moved lightly and hurried to the backyard.
I saw there was a young man with a peach wood sword, hunting and dancing wildly.
Sword energy swept across, blue light horizontally and horizontally.
Under his sword, like a crooked moon, quietly formed.
At this time, Ye Fan’s sword technique was impressively the first style of Yunyan Sword Art, Merry!
After the sword fell, Ye Fan started to rise again.
Suddenly, the cold air surged and the sword energy flowed wildly.
The temperature here dropped suddenly.
Only if winter comes, the woman here will feel a kind of inexplicable chill.
“Could it be…”
At that moment, the woman’s delicate body trembled, her pupils shrunk, and she said aloud.
However, before she could finish her words, Ye Fan’s ethereal and majestic voice immediately sounded.
“Heaven and earth hate how much mercilessly, the lonely cry at night will not last long.”
“Yunyan Sword Art, the second sword, Bing Xin!”
The sword is like a rainbow, as cold as ice.
At the moment the second sword was cut, red leaves fell, boundless trees fell, and it rained down.
Seeing such a scene, the graceful beauty under the Tianhe was already stunned.
There was a tremor in those beautiful eyes.
She didn’t expect that the young man in front of her would once again take a step ahead of her and practiced the second sword of Yunyan Sword Art.
Could it be that his kendo talent is really so unbearable?
It’s just that the first sword lags behind, and the second sword lags behind others again.
She asked herself that she had never failed in her lifetime, fighting hundreds of games in all her life.
But now, she actually lost to a junior boy in the swordsmanship practice.
Just when the woman was frustrated and frustrated.
There was a buzzing sound in the ear again.
She suddenly raised her head and saw Ye Fan, after the two swords fell, she stepped up into the sky again.
At this moment, the beauty in front of her was completely stunned.
The whole person seemed to be smashed by thunder, and his beautiful eyes were huge.
In my mind, a crazy thought appeared quietly.
“Difficult… is he…”
“No, it’s impossible.”
“Never possible.”
“There is absolutely no such evil in the world. Can you comprehend the three swords in seven days?”
The woman shook her head, her eyes filled with panic and disbelief.
However, no matter how unbelievable she is, the young man here has once again risen with a sword.
Between Tianhe, he used the peach wood as a sword, waving it horizontally and horizontally.
The thin back is just like a master of traditional Chinese painting, using a sword as a pen to lash out at Fang Qiu.
That brilliant sword stroke is his most beautiful painting!
“The sword is like a wandering dragon and a thousand soldiers, and it’s like Huangquan doesn’t look back.”
“The third sword, Qinglong!”
In the cold sound, a dragon chant, as if sounded from the depths of Tianhe.
Immediately afterwards, the woman saw a blue dragon phantom, quietly taking shape under Ye Fan’s sword!
Like a dragon rising for thousands of miles, a dragon roars for nine days!
The surging power swept Tianhe.
“This… how is this possible?”
Under the light and shadow, the beauty here was completely stunned.
She raised her pretty face and looked at the illusion of the green dragon idiotically, at the peerless figure holding the sword dancing wildly.
In the brain, there is already a blank.
The beautiful eyes of the lying silkworm are full of endless shock and color.
Three swords, in just seven days, even three swords.
She couldn’t believe how could there be such a young man in this world?

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