A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1980 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1980

After so many years, has she ever suffered such humiliation?
First, the clothes were stolen by this shameless ******* in the cave. She had kept her innocent body for a lifetime and was also seen by the *******.
Now, she was the master of a wealthy family, but a younger teenager unloaded her weapon and repelled it frontally.
In addition, he lost all his cultivation.
I practiced swords for many days without any progress.
Grievance, anger, humiliation~
Various emotions erupted almost at the same time.
As a result, the woman who has always been cold and majestic, is also unable to control herself at this time, and once lost her attitude.
However, just when this woman’s hatred and resentment towards Ye Fan were so intense.
Suddenly, a sword groaned loudly, as if the dragon came out of the sea!
Immediately afterwards, in the courtyard, she saw the young man, holding a seven-foot green front, and a sword walking with a dragon.
“The heavens and the earth are in the sky, the moon is like a hook, it’s hard not to ask for it!”
“The first sword, romantic~”
The cold light piled up, and the sword energy was vertical and horizontal.
In the misty sound, the woman saw, a sword light suddenly lit up, sweeping across the square.
In the end, the cold and cold light actually outlined a round like a crescent moon in the air.
“This…this is, Yunyan Sword Art?”
“This… how is this possible?”
“My Tang clan handed down sword art, how could he?”
At that moment, the woman in front of her was completely stunned.
She was stunned in the same place, her beautiful eyes were full of boundless shock and tremor.
She didn’t expect that she had practiced hard for several days and didn’t pass the sword art without making any progress. She would use it so smoothly in the hands of an outsider.
Clouds and flowing water, from the sword to the sword, can only be done in one go.
“The Yunyan Sword Art is a sword from the yin to the soft.”
“I think you practiced the sword for a few days, your sword intent is too sharp and fast, which is completely opposite to the sword intent of Yunyan Sword Art.”
“If you want to practice this sword well, first get rid of the hostility in your heart.”
I don’t know when, Ye Fan has appeared in front of her.
The faint words sounded quietly.
After speaking, Ye Fan also returned the sword to the woman in front of him, and then turned around and left in a cool manner.
Like a peerless swordsman, he goes to the Buddha’s clothing and hides his merit and fame deeply.
Behind him, there are only endless legends about this swordsman.
In the courtyard, the startled fallen leaves slowly fell.
But the woman here is still stunned and lost for a long time.
The tremor and tremor in the eyebrows has not cleared.
The next day, before Ye Fan got up, he heard the sound of swords in the backyard.
Sure enough, when Ye Fan came to the backyard, he found that it was the woman who was still practicing the first sword of the Yunyan Sword Art.
After Ye Fan’s on-demand broadcast yesterday, her swordsmanship has improved a lot today.
However, it was still a bad time, and the true power of Yunyan Sword Art was still unable to be exerted.
“Fine, let me help you again.”
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.
Then, in the panic of the woman, Ye Fan rushed over and took her into her arms.
Ye Fan’s snow-white wrist was firmly held in his hand.
“what are you doing?”
“*******, you let me go~”
The woman was frightened, her pretty face pale, a sense of shame and blasphemy, suddenly came to her heart.
“Don’t struggle!”
“I only teach you once.”
“Feel the sword intent with your heart!”
Ye Fan snorted, his words were low and solemn, like commands, with unquestionable majesty.
In this way, after being drunk by Ye Fan, the woman in her arms didn’t know if she was frightened, or because of other things, she was actually a ghost. He really listened to Ye Fan’s words and stopped resisting.

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