A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1962 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1962

Ye Fan’s face blushed, and he immediately scratched his head, smiling happily, “Too grandma, am I afraid to trouble you?”
“Think about it, I will be injured more often in the future. I can’t run to you as soon as I get injured, right?”
“Too grandma, you are tired, I am a grandson, and it hurts too~”
Ye Fan has a thick skin, and this is a set of nonsense.
Obviously, he coveted the ability of this yin thunder body, but he put on a look of distressed old man.
However, how could the old lady not know Ye Fan’s intestines?
“You *******, you know how to make my old lady happy by saying nice things.”
“However, Xiao Fan, it’s useless if you get this shameless scroll.”
“You are a man, you can’t practice at all.”
“So, don’t be paranoid, the Yinlong Body is not something you can cultivate.”
The old lady poured cold water ruthlessly.
Ye Fan’s mood suddenly fell.
After a long time, I was happy for nothing.
But Ye Fan was still not reconciled, and asked: “Too grandma, is there really no way to practice?”
“Could it be that the Yin and Yang dragon body cannot be possessed at the same time?”
“Well…” The old lady hesitated and continued, “Actually, you can still have it at the same time.”
“Haha, what are you waiting for?”
“Quickly, grandma, tell me the yin roll is there, I will go to practice now.”
After Ye Fan heard this, he was overjoyed again with his languid mood, and said eagerly.
However, in the face of Ye Fan’s joy, the old prince turned his words and continued: “However, the method is somewhat special, and it is by no means pure practice~”
“What method?” Ye Fan asked.
“That’s…” The old lady opened her mouth, just about to say, but finally changed her mind, “Forget it, that method is not suitable for you, in short, don’t think about Yinlong body.”
“****, grandma, don’t play with me, say ah~”
“As long as I can master the Yinlong body, I can bear any suffering!”
Ye Fan was anxious, and kept asking.
“You really want to learn?”
Unable to hold back Ye Fan’s persistence, the old lady finally took a step back and asked again.
“of course!”
Ye Fan was very determined.
What he needs most now is strength.
If he could master the Yinlong Body, Ye Fan’s comprehensive strength would undoubtedly be able to reach another level.
When the time comes, the Yin Yang dragon body will be the top ten powerhouse in the top ten, and Ye Fan is confident, breaking his wrists with them.
“Okay, Xiao Fan, since you persist so much, Grandma will give you a chance to master the Yinlong body.”
“However, whether you can grasp this opportunity or not depends on your own opportunities.”
“But I said, this is your own choice. If something happens in the future, Grandma will not be responsible.”
The old lady didn’t know what he was making in his heart, so he had to leave herself clean in advance.
It seemed that Ye Fan’s choice would have serious consequences.
Ye Fan is not stupid either. He obviously sensed something wrong, and suddenly said suspiciously: “Too grandma, don’t you want to cheat your grandson?”
When the old lady heard it, he seemed to have a temper, turned his head and left.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan hurriedly stopped, and then smiled: “Too grandma, I was joking.”
“You love me the most. I am your grandson. How could you cheat me?”
“Grandson believes in you.”
“Next, can you tell me, what should I do?”

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