A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1961 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1961

After all, dealing with cruel people like Chu Zhengliang, a little carelessness, is the end of all games.
Therefore, before Ye Fan’s strength has returned to its peak, hiding his whereabouts is undoubtedly the best choice.
As for the situation in Jiangdong, Ye Fan is not worried for the time being.
As long as the news of his own fall is not spread, Jiangdong will not be chaotic.
And the facts are exactly the same. Ye Fan’s cultivation this month has not heard any major turmoil in Jiangdong.
The whole Jiangdong Province is still calm as usual.
Therefore, in the next period of time, Ye Fan can use more energy to improve his own strength.
“Right, too grandma.”
“At the beginning, you said that this “Dragon Body” is an extremely powerful technique for refining the body.”
“It can not only increase physical strength, but also enhance physical defense.”
“It can also repair muscles and veins, heal injuries, and has the effect of self-healing.”
“But why, I didn’t feel the self-healing effect of “Dragon Body”?”
“Is it too grandma, you remembered it wrong, or did I neglect something while practicing?”
The secret technique of “Dragon Body” was given to Ye Fan by the old lady.
Otherwise, with Ye Fan’s identity at the time, how could it be possible to come into contact with such powerful martial arts?
Hearing Ye Fan’s question, the old lady suddenly smiled.
“You *******, it’s also exciting.”
“I thought, can’t you tell?”
“Tell you the truth, you didn’t neglect anything, and I remembered it correctly.”
“This dragon divine body is in perfect condition, capable of strengthening the body against the enemy externally, and healing internally.”
“It is an extremely rare and powerful martial arts in the martial arts world of the current age.”
“But the reason why you feel this way is because the dragon body you cultivate is not complete.”
After Ye Fan heard this, he was shocked.
The doubts that had been haunting him were undoubtedly solved immediately.
“So, there is another “Dragon Body”?” Ye Fan asked in surprise.
The old lady nodded.
“This “Dragon Body” is divided into yin and yang.”
“What you are practicing is a roll of “Yang”. You can refine it to become a yang dragon divine body. It is invulnerable to swords and spears, water or fire does not invade, fierce and domineering, and extremely powerful.”
“The other volume is the Yin scroll. After you have completed your cultivation, you can become the Yin Dragon Divine Body.”
“The effect of this Yinlong body is that it has a powerful self-healing effect. It can revive broken bones and reconnect tendons.”
“You have only practiced Yang Juan, but you have not practiced Yin Juan, so naturally you have no self-healing ability.”
The old lady said slowly, calmly and calmly.
But Ye Fan was not so calm anymore.
After years of confusion, I finally got the answer.
My heart suddenly became clear, and then he hurriedly asked: “Grandma, what about the yin roll?”
“Do you know where it is?”
Ye Fan’s words were full of eagerness.
After all, the Yinlong body’s self-healing ability can undoubtedly greatly improve Ye Fan’s survival and sustainable combat capabilities.
Just like this catastrophe, if Ye Fan had mastered the Yinlong body, how could he be dead for a lifetime and almost fell to a foreign country?
Moreover, relying on this self-healing ability, Ye Fan didn’t have to trek through mountains and rivers, and ran all the way here to trouble grandma and her old man to heal him.
It can be recovered completely by self-healing.
Therefore, after hearing what the old lady said, Ye Fan was naturally moved by this Yinlong body.
“You, grandson tortoise, are really greedy.”
“I wanted the recipe for my Shengshengzaohua soup before, but now I can’t wait to want this Yinlong body?”
“Next, do you want to ****** my old house too?”
The old lady laughed.

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