A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1957 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1957

“Right, Xiao Fan.”
“I hope you have time to talk frankly with your father.”
“Father and son after all, the relationship is always so stiff, and it’s not good.”
“If there is anyone in the Chu family who can help you in the future, it must be your father.”
“As for when you and your mother were being swept out of the house, the reason why your father ignored them, I think it should be because of his difficulties.”
“Your father has a deep affection for your mother and son, besides, Zhenghong is not a heartless person.”
“There must be some misunderstanding between you.”
After a short silence, the old lady’s words changed, but suddenly he talked to Ye Fan about his father.
However, Ye Fan turned his head and turned his back to the old lady Jundao: “Too grandma, I don’t want to talk about him.”
“I’m tired and want to rest alone.”
Seeing this, the old lady didn’t say anything.
He just shook his head, sighed, and then turned and left.
After a while, Ye Fan continued to heal his injuries in the Chu family’s old house.
The old prince would meticulously change the medicinal soup for Ye Fan every day, and Ye Fan was also recuperating in this medicinal bath, and his physical injuries were quickly recovering.
In a blink of an eye, January has passed.
This month, Chu Zhengliang and his son were still frantically looking for Ye Fan’s trace.
However, there is still nothing.
The salvage team over there in the Japanese waters, let alone salvaging Ye Fan’s body, the scum was not found.
The more so, the more intense the anxiety in Chu Zhengcon’s heart.
“Tian’er, send more people to secretly search for the whereabouts of this abandoned child on a global scale.”
“Now, the more I doubt, he is still alive.”
In the room, Chu Zhengliang said with gloomy eyebrows.
Chu Qitian was shocked and raised his head and said, “Father, maybe not?”
“Didn’t you say that you killed him with your own hands?”
“My Chu family’s Yundao Tianjue is the best at attacking.”
“And again, you performed it yourself.”
“That *******, how can it survive?”
“The reason why I couldn’t find the remains, I think it was eaten by fish?”
Chu Qitian guessed.
However, Chu Zhengliang shook his head: “Before this, I thought the same as you.”
“But, I just got news from Japan that Chu Tianfan has cultivated, the dragon *** body.”
When Chu Qitian heard the sound, he was immediately startled, his face paled.
“Dragon body?”
“This… how is this possible?”
“Isn’t the dragon *** body only the master of the Chu Sect who can cultivate?”
“That abandoned son of the Chu family, a lowly seed born to a countryman, how could he cultivate the dragon *** body?”
“This is absolutely impossible!”
Chu Qitian was really shocked.
There was a tremor in the heart and more jealousy.
You know, martial arts training is extremely rare in the martial arts world, and every appearance of martial arts training is bound to cause an uproar in the martial arts world, causing competition from many forces.
This “Dragon Body” is the most powerful martial arts known in the martial arts world today.
Back then, the powerful Chumen came out of their nests, only to win this secret technique in the battle of martial forces from all over the world.
For so many years, this powerful technique of refining the body has been under the control of the master of Chumen.
The rest are not qualified to contact and practice.
Even the Patriarch of the Chu family could not practice.
Back then, in order to obtain this “Dragon Body”, Chu Qitian cheeky, let his grandfather be a lobbyist, and finally worshipped under the banner of the Chumen master Tang Yun and became the apprentice of the Chumen master.
Delusion relies on this relationship and learned this exercise from the master Tang Yunshou.

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