A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1956 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1956

When saying these words, the old man’s muddy eyes flashed with wise light, which seemed to penetrate everything.
Hearing this, Ye Fan’s palm suddenly clenched.
Then, to the old man, he nodded.
“Grandma, the one who killed me this time is the third uncle, Chu Zhengliang.”
“He united with the Japanese military, first hit me hard with modern high-damage weapons, and then took advantage of the emptiness, and killed me with Yun Daotian.”
“If I hadn’t cultivated the dragon *** body, this time, my grandson would be really doomed.”
Ye Fan said in a deep voice, his low voice echoing quietly in the room.
Looking back on the scene of that day, Ye Fan felt a chill in his back.
For so many years, this is the first time since he practiced the Yundao Book of Heaven that he has brought him so close to death.
The feeling of walking through before the gate of a ghost is really uncomfortable.
As soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, the sullen old man smashed the wooden table in front of him with a palm.
“Niezha, it really is him!”
“Back when your father inherited the position of Chu Family Patriarch, this third child obstructed in every possible way and caused a lot of troubles to your father secretly.”
“I thought that after your father Zhenghong took control of the Chu family, the youngest would constrain a little.”
“Unexpectedly, he, an elder uncle, would use a big bully and be so cruel to his nephew.”
“It’s really unfortunate for the Chu family to have such a beast!”
Although, in the past few days, the old man had already guessed that Ye Fan’s robbery was probably a power struggle within the Chu family.
However, when these words really came out of Ye Fan’s mouth, the old lady was still very angry, and was furious.
As the old prince of the Chu family, what she didn’t want to see most was undoubtedly her own descendants, killing each other.
This is undoubtedly a matter of pain for the loved ones and quickness for the enemies.
“Xiaofan, don’t worry, grandma will pay you back for this justice.”
“When they return to their hometown to worship their ancestors again this Spring Festival, I will ask your father to hang up this evil barrier and fight!”
The old lady said angrily.
However, Ye Fan chuckled lightly and shook his head.
“Too grandma, you don’t need to worry about grandchildren.”
“The grandson will avenge this grudge.”
“I will let them, father and son, regret all their lives for what they have done!”
Ye Fan clenched his palm tightly, and there was a cold light in his deep pupils.
The old lady opened her mouth when she saw Ye Fan’s appearance, wanting to persuade him to do something.
However, when he reached his mouth, he swallowed after all.
“Finally, let your juniors resolve the grievances of younger generations.”
“I’m old, I can take care of the front, but can’t take care of the back.”
“But Xiaofan, grandma still said that, no matter how much you will make trouble with your uncle and clan in the future.”
“But you must remember that your surname is Chu, and you are the son of my Chu family.”
“You have the blood of the ancestors of the Chu family!”
The old Taijun spoke earnestly and emphasized again to Ye Fan.
By her age, she has already seen many things.
The younger generations have grown up and all have their own ideas. She is an old lady, even if she says many things, it doesn’t work.
Therefore, in many cases, the old princes also let them go with the disputes of the Chu family.
She sees more life and death, and sees more of the ups and downs of the world. Her only hope is the incense and heritage of the Chu family, which cannot be broken!

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