A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1955 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1955

In this way, for the next few days, Ye Fan was taking a medicated bath to heal his injuries.
Soaking in the medicinal soup, Ye Fan only felt a warm current flowing down his body into the limbs.
Wherever the warm current flows, all the pain is wiped out and it is very comfortable.
Sure enough, within a few days, Ye Fan felt that the injury inside his body was much better.
His complexion began to gradually recover.
“Too grandma, are you okay with this medicinal soup?”
“Let me take a look at the formula.”
“The future grandson of the province is injured. I always run here to trouble you.”
As soon as Ye Fan’s complexion improved a little, he immediately returned to the shameless appearance of Cou.
At this moment, he looked at the old man and smiled.
“You *******, have you even thought of your grandma?”
“I’m not satisfied with giving you a free medicated bath, do you still want a formula?”
“You, you are really not greedy.”
The old man groaned, but in his words, he was full of pampering for the juniors.
“Don’t think about this formula.”
“Even if you have a recipe, you won’t be worthy of this Shengshengzaohua soup.”
“The right time, the right place and the right people are indispensable.”
“In other words, this medicinal soup is only in my hands, in this old house, to be effective.”
The old man shook his head and smiled, speaking very mysteriously.
In fact, the old man gave Ye Fan a very mysterious feeling since he was a child.
He always felt that his grandmother was by no means an ordinary person like those old men and old ladies outside.
She must be carrying many secrets on her back.
But when you think about it, this is nothing strange.
The old woman in front of her was the old prince of the Chu family, and she was the tallest person in the Chu family today.
Every Spring Festival, at the Chu Family Headquarters, the Chu Family Patriarch will lead the clan members to come to the Chu Family’s old house to worship the ancestors.
It can also be seen that the seniority of the old man in front of him is so great?
However, I don’t know why, since Ye Fan had a memory, his grandmother has been guarding the old house of the Chu family and never left.
She is like the night watchman of the Chu family, guarding this land and the house for decades.
In the past, Ye Fan felt that his grandma must also be a martial arts expert.
At least it is of the titled master level.
But it turned out that he was wrong.
Because he couldn’t feel any fluctuations in the strength of the old man.
In other words, the old lady of the Chu family is an ordinary person who doesn’t know how to martial arts.
This is undoubtedly an incredible thing.
After all, the Chu family was the number one giant in the martial arts world.
But the most respected and respected generation of the top giants turned out to be a mortal without martial arts.
This is naturally incredible.
However, too grandma’s mystery and weirdness is not a day or two.
Ye Fan didn’t care either.
He only knows that his grandma loves him very much, that’s enough!
“Okay, let’s talk about business.”
“If my perception is good, you should now have cultivated Yundao Tianjue to the third greatest level, right?”
“With your current realm strength, the entire Huaxia, the people who can threaten you, are very few.”
“But why are you so badly injured?”
“Furthermore, from your injury, I actually felt a bit of a cloud of heavenly determination.”
“Could it be that someone from the Chu family did it on you?”
The atmosphere in the room suddenly sank.
The old man expressionlessly asked Ye Fan solemnly.

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