A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1950 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1950

“Pharaoh, you are troublesome.”
“People are poor for no reason.”
“People like this are not worthy of sympathy at all~”
When the surrounding residents saw this, they all shook their heads. Looking at that person, there was disgust and sneer.
However, among the crowd, there was only a young woman who looked at this person intently, her beautiful eyes glowing with inexplicable color.
I don’t know why, she always feels that the person in front of her, under the face of the shaggy beggar, hides a hot and firm heart.
“He was not an ordinary person before, right~”
The young woman whispered.
In this way, enduring the different eyes around him, he remained silent and turned a deaf ear.
He leaned on a bamboo stick to support the ground, and walked slowly and hard.
Staggering, but firm!
It is like a moth chasing a fire, walking persistently towards the place where it must go.
Even under the feet, there are thorns.
Even if the future is confused and difficult.
Seeing this scene, the young woman was stunned, only to feel shocked in her heart.
She couldn’t help wondering what kind of distance the young man was going to be able to withstand his displacement.
Gradually, the figure walked into the distance and disappeared at the end of the girl’s sight.
And that person, after leaving the town, climbed towards a nearby mountain.
On that hill, I saw a deep house compound, like a wild beast, standing here, looking at the vast world.
The boy no longer knew how he got to the door of the old house.
Obviously there is only a 100-meter mountain road, but he walked from noon until night.
Finally, covered in blood, he fell in front of the door.
At the last moment before the coma, he raised his head and looked at this old mansion that hadn’t been set foot in for ten years, especially on the door plaque. When the Chinese character “Chu” was written in vermilion, he was always as strong as a stone. He could no longer restrain his emotions.
Nearly instant, burst into tears!
In the end, he raised his arm with difficulty, exhausted his life’s strength, and slammed the Chu family’s old mansion with a history of hundreds of years!
“Too…too grandma, unfilial son Chu Tianfan, come back… come back to see you~”
What kind of words are, sadness in the sadness, and hope in despair.
Yes, the unkempt young man in front of him is the one who has been “fallen” for many days, Ye Fan.
At the beginning of the Pacific Ocean, Chu Zhengliang did not kill him.
Relying on the dragon body and tenacious perseverance, Ye Fan withstood Chu Zhengliang’s attack.
Moreover, it was Chu Zhengliang’s majestic palm that Ye Fan took advantage of the momentum to escape.
After that, he went through hardships and dangers before returning to China.
However, even if Ye Fan saved his life, he was seriously injured.
If Ye Fan hadn’t practiced with the Dragon *** Protector, his injury would not be able to sustain him even if he escaped from Chu Zhengliang’s men.
But fortunately, there is no end to him!
He Chu Tianfan, walked out of Japan alive, and came here alive.
The Chu family abandoned Ye Fan’s mother and son, and removed Ye Fan from the family tree, cutting off all blood ties with Ye Fan’s mother and son.
But even so, Ye Fan has never forgotten his identity as a descendant of the Chu family for so many years.
Even, sometimes, he often shows himself in the name of Chu Tianfan.
It is because of the old man in the old house of the Chu family.

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