A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1949 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1949

“Yes, father, the child will do it now.”
Chu Qitian retreated in fear. Then continued to salvage the dead bodies in the sea area where the incident occurred.
“By the way, there is still something.”
Chu Zhengliang seemed to think of something again, so he called Chu Qitian in again.
“Father, what else do you want?”
Chu Zhengliang replied in a deep voice: “Just in case, after you go back, inform me of all the forces under the Chu family around the world. Everyone is paying close attention to whether there is an unknown person named Chu Tianfan around.”
“Yes…” When Chu Qitian heard this, he was immediately confused and wanted to ask.
“Don’t question it, just do it!”
“Those who make big things should be fully prepared.”
Chu Zhengliang waved his hand, as if he didn’t want to talk anymore, he let Chu Qitian leave.
In the study, calm was restored again.
However, Chu Qitian didn’t notice at all. In the darkness behind his father, there was always a black shadow, like a shadow, guarding him beside Chu Zhengliang.
After a while, the man’s low voice came from the darkness.
“Patriarch, are you too cautious?”
“What the third young master said before is not unreasonable. Generally speaking, in that case, the other party is absolutely impossible to survive?”
However, in the face of what this person said, Chu Zhengliang shook his head: “What you said is just general.”
“This Chu Tianfan can become a titled master and be named in the heavenly list with the body of the last and the poor.”
“How can this class of people be treated with common sense?”
“If he doesn’t die, he will be a confidant in the future.”
“So, if I don’t see his bones for a day, I will be upset.”
While speaking, Chu Zhengliang got up and walked to the window.
Outside, the night is deep and the wind is bitter.
Soon, on the second day after Chu Zhengliang gave the order, the Chu family’s forces around the world began to notice whether there was a person named Chu Tianfan who appeared.
Chu Zhengliang has always acted cautiously and must prepare with both hands for everything.
One is to let Chu Qitian continue to take people to salvage the corpse.
Second, naturally, it is to prevent Ye Fan from really not dying.
If so, he can only choose to let him die again.
Of course, the premise is to determine Ye Fan’s whereabouts first.
At the same time, in a remote town in the east of China’s Jiangdong, an unkempt, dirt-covered, beggar-like young man staggered, step by step, moving with difficulty.
People passing by cast their disgusting eyes one after another, avoiding them all.
However, no one noticed the piercing eyes under his messy hair.
Deep and distant, as if it contains the sea of stars!
“A well-off society has a long way to go.”
Among the residents of the town, there are always some simple and kind people.
An old man who had just returned home from the field felt pitiful and couldn’t bear it. He bought a few hot meat buns from the next bun shop and handed them to him.
However, the man turned a deaf ear.
The steps forward did not stop, and he didn’t even look at the other person.
That arrogance from the bones, even if separated by a hundred meters, is so vivid.
“Hold a grass!”
“I gave you food, don’t you appreciate it?”
“Okay, you have the backbone and don’t eat food that comes.”
“Then you continue to be hungry?”
“Starve you idiot!”
The old man was very angry.
I did some good deeds with kindness and good intentions, and in the end it was good, with a hot face and a cold ***.
A stinky beggar, don’t appreciate it?

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