A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1945 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1945

That night, Chen Ao, Li Er, and Lei Lao San and three drove to the Villa in Yunding Mountain.
The first is to comfort Qiu Mucheng’s wife for condolences.
Second, to confirm again whether Ye Fan really fell.
When Chen Ao and others arrived, the food on the table was still there.
And Qiu Mucheng was sitting at the table. She did not cry or shed tears, just like she did last night, sitting there, waiting for Ye Fan’s return.
Up to this moment, Qiu Mucheng had not accepted the fact that Ye Fan had fallen.
“Mr. Qiu, Nan Nan has already told us about Mr. Chu.”
“We are also very sad to learn about this.”
“Mr. Chu, we are the co-master of Jiangdong and the leader of our 18th Dadi City.”
“His fall is also a great loss for Jiangdong.”
“However, the dead are gone, and the living are still there.”
“Those of us who are alive, we should look forward.”
“So, please cheer up and work with us to deal with Jiangdong’s funeral.”
“The land of Jiangdong, don’t have no one for a day~”
“Otherwise, there may be changes.”
In front of the villa, Li Er and others respectfully worshipped and persuaded them sadly.
Words and sentences are loyal and good words.
Finally, Li Er bowed his head and begged, and persuaded him bitterly: “Please, Miss Qiu, take the position of Jiangdong, Mr. Dai Chu, take the power of Jiangdong!”

“Miss Qiu, please take the position of Jiangdong, Mr. Dai Chu, take the power of Jiangdong!”

In front of the villa, Li Er and others bowed in unison, welcoming the autumn Mucheng ascending the Jiangdong throne and taking charge of the overall situation.
Perhaps, Qiu Mucheng, a female generation, was not the most suitable candidate to be the respected Jiangdong.
However, in this situation, Ye Fan has just fallen, and the remaining power is still there.
Relying on Ye Fan’s remaining prestige, letting his woman take charge of the overall situation is undoubtedly the best choice.
At least, no one would dare to question anything in a short period of time.
As for whether Qiu Mucheng can control Jiangdong in the future, it depends on her own ability.
However, to the surprise of Li Er and others, Qiu Mucheng didn’t seem to care about this low-handed power.
Facing the three people’s persuasion, Qiu Mucheng turned a deaf ear, still sitting there without saying a word.
“Miss Qiu, what do you say?”
“Jiangdong is Mr. Chu’s lifelong foundation. If you don’t stand up at this time, you are afraid that Jiangdong’s power will fall into the hands of others.”
Li Er bitterly persuade.
But Qiu Mucheng still didn’t respond. She just wanted to guard the house and wait for the boy to return.
She would never believe that Ye Fan fell so easily.
In the end, Li Er and three left helplessly.
That night, the three of them gathered in Haiyuan Pavilion, but they were secretly discussing the future of Jiangdong.
Although Ye Fan has fallen, Jiangdong’s future road is always to go.
“What should we do now?”
“Mr. Chu has fallen, and he has no children under his knees. As for Miss Qiu’s state, it is obviously difficult to pick the big picture.”
“Now the Jiangdong group of dragons has no leader, once the wind of Mr. Chu’s fall leaks, the situation in Jiangdong will definitely change!”
Li Er’s words were full of worries.
Although Ye Fan has been in charge of Jiangdong for less than a year, in this year, Ye Fan has integrated countless forces in Jiangdong, and the industry under Ye Fan is huge.
The industries that were taken over by Zao Wou-ki alone spread to the eight major cities. In addition to the Meng family in Liaocheng and the companies under the three of them, it can be said that the industries directly controlled by Shan Shan Yefan already include Jiangdong. Half of the country.

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