A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1939 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1939

“Patriarch, what… what are you going to do? I think that the matter of revenge should be put on hold for the time being. You are now in a dire situation. Therefore, the family clan group is already dissatisfied with you this time.”
“If you go out during the confinement period, you will completely anger them.”
“What’s more, the family side has already issued an order to prohibit anyone from avenging the young master.”
When Old Han heard this, his face turned pale, and he quickly persuaded him.
After all, Chu Zhenghong had just been dismissed from his clan, and if he frowned at those clan elders at this time, he was afraid it would be difficult for him to return to the position of Patriarch in the future.
However, in the face of Old Han’s persuasion, how could Chu Zhenghong listen.
“I said, get the knife!”
“As for the family, are they a fart?”
“I want to leave, Chu Zhenghong, who can stop me?”
In the deep words, there are all domineering implications.
“Is this Japanese country, the design murders my son?” The
“Does anyone really hurt my son Xiaofan?”
“This time, I will let them know that my son Xiao Fan is not an orphan.”
“He has Lao Tzu!!”
The deep words sounded loudly as if the golden jade fell to the ground.
In an instant, endless killing intent raged in the room.
Outside the window, there was a bitter cold wind, three thousand clear bamboos, swaying with the wind.
In this way, that night, Chu Zhenghong left the mountain of Chumen with a single knife.
Before leaving, Chu Zhenghong left a notebook to Old Han.
“Old Han, if a miracle happens one day, my son Xiao Fan will come back alive.”
“Remember, give this notebook to him.”
“I have nothing to give him, only this note, to record my life’s hard work. Maybe it can be useful to him.”
“Also, tell him, I’m an old man, sorry for him.”
“She’s right, I don’t deserve to be his laozi.”
“When I was young, I could not protect them. Now that ten years have passed, I still cannot protect them.”
In the dark night, the cold wind blew thousands of fallen leaves, and also blew the sleeves of men, hunting.
Old Han’s eyes were red, just like that, staring at the tall figure from his back, slowly disappearing into the night.
On the way out, Chu Zhenghong was naturally blocked by the powerful Chu family.
But how can they stop the man’s footsteps?
Between the gates, the man walked along, cutting through thousands of shackles with one knife.
Outside the house, there is a mess.
Those strong men who intended to stop Chu Zhenghong were all wounded to the ground by him, lying on the ground.
However, just as Chu Zhenghong stepped into the house, in the depths of the night, he thought that the old man, like a ghost, appeared quietly.
This person is dressed plainly and has a restrained breath.
Standing there is like an ordinary person, unobtrusive.
However, at the moment when this person appeared, everyone present showed fear and respect.
Even Chu Zhenghong himself, in his expression, was a bit more solemn and jealous.
“Old Xuan, even you want to block me?”
The man raised his head, and his low voice rang quietly under the dark night.
The old man did not answer. After a moment of silence, he just asked indifferently: “Patriarch, I don’t know what to do here?”
“Smash Lingxiao!”
The man said this resolutely and firmly, sonorously.
“If you don’t go back?” the old man asked again.
“I will never go back!”
The majestic voice quietly echoed under the night.

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