A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1936 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1936

Chu Zhengliang’s complexion changed slightly, but he pretended to be confused: “Xiao Fan?”
“What Xiaofan?”
“Could it be that Big Brother said that it was the abandoned son who was expelled from the Chu family by the old man?”
“Speaking of which, he is also my nephew.”
“What’s up with him?”
“Could this action of Big Brother have something to do with him?”
I have to say that Chu Zhengliang’s pretense is very similar, making people hardly suspicious.
But Chu Zhenghong’s expression remained cold: “Third brother, you better have nothing to do with this matter.”
“Otherwise, if you let me find out that the death of my son Xiaofan is a gift from you, then don’t blame me Chu Zhenghong, regardless of brotherhood!”
Senran’s words carried a complete chill.
The person who smelled it was terrified and shuddered.
It was Chu Zhengliang who couldn’t help but feel a little more disturbed.
Although he had known for a long time that his elder brother still had his heart for the abandoned son, what Chu Zhengliang did not expect was that the wicked species born to that country woman would have such a heavy status in his elder brother’s heart.
In order to avenge him, he did not hesitate to violate family rules.
I would rather not be the master of the family, but also avenge the abandoned son.
Chu Zhengliang understands the temperament of his elder brother. He is a man of love. Once he touches his Ni Lin, the man in front of him will become the King of Yama.
Chu Zhengliang suddenly regretted it, maybe he shouldn’t have killed the abandoned son.
However, it is too late to say this.
The only thing he can do is to conceal this matter, while working hard to suppress Chu Zhenghong’s position of power.
After their father and son completely control the Chu family, Chu Zhenghong knew that he was the culprit who killed Ye Fan, so what could he do?
In the end, Chu Zhenghong followed Chu Zhengliang and others and returned to the family to accept trial.
After the strong man of the Chu family left Japan, Sato let out a long sigh of relief, and the stone in his heart immediately fell.
“Mom, you finally left.”
“I thought I was dead this time?”
After the rest of his life, Sato was so excited that he almost shed tears.
However, Sato is not at ease.
He felt that those people were only retreating temporarily, and no one knew when they would make a comeback again.
He cannot put his life on the kindness of others.
“No, I have to find a way to protect myself.”
“Quickly, prepare a car, and follow me to Sanshen Pavilion!”
To deal with the martial arts powerhouse, naturally still has to rely on the martial arts master.
So, Sato went directly to Dongjing to meet the master of the Sanshin Pavilion, Master Xuezhao.
Request to get snow photos asylum!
However, to Sato’s surprise, Xuezhao refused his request.
“Pavilion Master Xuezhao, I don’t understand?”
“Why, why don’t you save me?”
“Then Chu Tianfan killed so many people in Japan, and how many powerhouses of the Three *** Pavilion died under his hands.”
“Should he not kill?”
“When I killed him, I also avenged your Three *** Pavilion and avenged the Japanese martial arts.”
“You don’t know if you are grateful for me, now you can’t even provide minimum asylum?”
“Why on earth?”
“I’m just seeking asylum. Am I asking too much?”
“Why don’t you save you when you die?”
Sato’s eyes were red, he roared angrily, and questioned in a puzzled way.

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