A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter: 1935 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1935

That night, Chu Zhengliang returned to the family to meet the family elder.
In the Chu family, the power of the head of the family was restricted by the clan group.
In other words, as long as the clan elders of the Chu family unanimously pass certain decisions, Chu Zhenghong would not agree with it, and there was no alternative.
It is not accidental that the Chu family has been able to stand tall in the world of martial arts for so many years.
This kind of democratic system that restricts rights alone is undoubtedly much superior to the personal dictatorship of the Qiu family.
“what did you say?”
“Zhenghongshi will automatically use his family power to fight the Japanese martial arts?”
“How can he make his own decision on such important matters?”
“If it delays my Chu family’s hundred-year plan, he can afford it?”
Sure enough, in the Chu Family Conference Hall, after learning from Chu Zhengliang that Chu Zhenghong had led a large number of powerful men to the Japanese massacre, the Chu family leaders were all furious.
Then, after deliberation in the family meeting, it was decided unanimously.
“To remove Chu Zhenghong from the position of Patriarch, Chu Zhengliang will temporarily preside over all family affairs before Father Chu leaves the customs!”
“In addition, he ordered Chu Zhengliang to carry out the Yunyang Order, go to Japan in person, and immediately recall the powerful Chu family!”
“And to make Chu Zhenghong, come back quickly to plead guilty!”
The order of Yunyang is equivalent to a soldier talisman.
It has always been under the control of the Chu family’s clan group.
The order of Yunyang represents the will of the Chu family, and the priority is even higher than the will of the head of the Chu family.
Among the rules of the Chu family, it is the Patriarch of the Chu Family, who also bows to the Yunyang Order, which is the supreme thing restricting the power of the Patriarch.
In order to recall Chu Zhenghong, the Chu family even used Yunyang Order this time.
It can be seen from this that how angry was the Chu family’s high-level leaders for Chu Zhenghong’s behavior?
In the end, Chu Zhengliang rushed to Japan in time and recalled the powerful Chu family before things got out of control.
At the same time, Chu Zhenghong was ordered to return to the family immediately to apologize.
However, in the face of Chu Zhengliang’s words, Chu Zhenghong turned a deaf ear to any response at all.
Even the gaze that looked at Chu Zhengliang flashed with a strong chill and murderous intent.
“Brother, don’t make me embarrassed by the third brother, please follow me back as soon as possible.”
“This is what the old family means.”
“You can disrespect me, don’t you still respect the elders of the family?”
“Besides, you should know, eldest brother, what will happen if you disobey the Yunyang Decree in the Chu Family?”
Under the city of Winter Capital, Chu Zhengliang held the order of Yunyang, staring at the man in front of him dignifiedly, and his deep words quietly sounded.
However, in that tone, it was full of threats.
The most ruthless emperor’s house!
The Chu family, as the family that controls the strongest martial arts power in the world, can be said to be the emperor’s family in the martial arts world.
The struggle for power and profit is almost full of the history of the Chu family.
Even if the brothers meet now, there is no affection at all.
“Patriarch, let’s go back~”
“This action is indeed impulsive.”
Old Han was by the side, persuading him again and again.
Ye Fan had already been expelled from the Chu family after all, and his life and death had nothing to do with the Chu family. Today, Chu Zhenghong uses his family power because of his personal emotions. Chu Zhenghong is the one who was at a loss.
Now stop the loss in time, everything has a turnaround.
Otherwise, Han was honestly worried, and Chu Zhenghong would collapse with the Chu family.
This is undoubtedly cheaper to others.
Under the advice of Mr. Han, Chu Zhenghong finally suppressed his murderous intent and anger.
He raised his head and looked at Chu Zhengliang in front of him.
“My third brother, your news is pretty fast.”
“I just started doing it here, did you know it there?”
“Did someone tell you for help?”
“My son Xiaofan’s things, I’m afraid that you can’t get rid of it, right?”
Chu Zhenghong asked coldly.

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